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A guarded fortress full of resources for 21 lucky settlers! A hub of supplies, training and medical care for the area. You too can be Simply Settled at Graygarden, home in the sky!

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The Big “Intimidation” Chair

It’s a new day at Rocket, where you’ve stopped in for a quick assessment of how things are going in your more prolonged absences. Stan, in his surprisingly graceful way, almost dances toward you, empty hand outstretched – as though to bring you another one of his “gifts”.

Oh goodie. I wonder which settlement is on fire. You say nothing and rest your eyes on Stan as he does a little bow. 

“Gen-e-ral…” Stan oozes, “As you brilliantly predicted, the robots are amenable to our proposal.” A little twist of the handlebar stash. 

You just can’t help yourself. “Green Acres is the place to be…” 


“Farm livin’ is the life for me…” with ghouls and raiders and muties oh my. “Er… yeah?”

“I’ll have someone get you a coffee immediately, General.” A pointy finger and a hiss toward the door. A minion appears and then runs off.  

“Thank you, Stan.” He really does know me. Your mind wanders as you try to imagine what TV personality Stan would be… A muscled Patrick Macnee with a handlebar mustache? Hmm. No. You decide Stan is a character all of his own.  

“General,” Stan clears his throat. “The Robots?”

“Oh. Right. Shall we begin?”

Another bow. “Yes. The concern for any real development is the influx of mutant traffic. We will, of course, take the usual precautions…” A very long pause. 

Is he holding his breath? “You have an idea?”

“Yes. But General, it’s a bit daring.”

He was definitely holding his breath. You stifle a giggle. “Daring, huh? Lay it on me, Stan.”

“Well, we’d like to use our greatest weapon: Reputation. I… er… we think a more intimidating aesthetic and more turrets might be in order for this location.” Stan opens his satchel and reveals rolled up plans, “I’d also like you to see the parts we’d use for the Big Chair.”

“Parts?” As you contemplate Stan's idea of intimidating, the coffee arrives. You sip. War never changes. “Okay, Stan. Let’s get to work.”

To be sure you enjoy Stan’s complete experience, this mod requires the following with Designer's Choice: ON:

I really want to thank Kinggath and the Sim Settlements 2 team for filling my secret gaming life with thousands of hours of fun and adventure! And a special thank you to the other builders who have been so gracious, welcoming… and patient with their help and advice! Yagisan, I don't know how I would have ever submitted a mod without your help!

This plan does not disturb the robots. The following plot types are included at level 3: 
1 Agri, 1 Comm, 2 Indust, 3 Martial, 6 Muni (1 Int, 1 Ch Training), 5 Rec, 9 Res     

21 Beds, 21 human jobs in addition to the six robot jobs. (two jobs are intelligence training in one plot and one job = the three guard stations along the scaffolding at L3.

Additional plots of note are: a communications plot added at L3; two training plots: Intelligence, Charisma; organic materials and machine parts; a hospital, a sanitation plot (where you can add a shower or…). This settlement really is set up to be a hub!  

The Settlement Levels are: 9, 13, 17, 21 settlers respectively at L0, L1, L2, L3.

*Things to Note:

This settlement includes a player home and is survival playthrough friendly (vanilla water, stove, razorgrain (the agri plot at L1), bed, and crafting.

I like to build settlements with things to ‘do’. So in addition to needs, you’ll find:

  • A Badass Throne… er… big chair. 
  • A desk with terminal (just to the right of the door in player home)
  • A shooting range bottom scaffolding level
  • All crafting stations in both player home and crafeteria on the scaffolding

Note: Inevitably, in all city plans, minor issues arise some of the time. Let’s do a checklist: 
1) Power. It likes to break. Don’t worry about Level 0. It’s not meant to have good power yet. After L1, check on power to the plots. 

2) In testing I found that sometimes a couple of plots don’t build as intended. 

If you have power issues beyond what I’ve described here, I recommend two options:
  1. Cheat! Use something from my recommended mod list like: Alex’s Settlement Power Pylon.
  2. Use the mod, Very Small Generators and throw power in where it’s needed.

Because I use these plans myself, I like to allow for a bit of personalization and sprinkle of plants, furniture exchanges, etc., particularly in or around the player home. In case you'd like to know some of my favs, those mods are:


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