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Collection of 36 upgradeable City Plans for Sim Settlements 2, covering every vanilla and DLC settlement!

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Rise of the Commonwealth is back for Sim Settlements 2!

Every design from the original has been ported forward, as well as two City Plan contest designs by NDCowdy!

All have been updated to support new features such as:

Municipal Plots
Caravan Service Connections
Multi-Person Living
Training Recreation
Junk Storage
and more!

How To Use

  • Install the mod like any other.
  • Build a City Planner's Desk from Sim Settlements 2.
  • Activate the Manage City option on it.
  • Select Choose City Plan.
  • Choose the plan with RotC: in the name.

City Plan Highlights

In addition to traditional leveled City Plans, several of the Rise of the Commonwealth designs have special functionality:

  • Long Fellow's Cabin Museum: Starting at level 1, you'll find a museum with exhibits that react to your quest progress in Far Harbor!
  • Mechanist's Lair Robobrain Machine: At level 3, you'll find a gigantic contraption that will produce a daily Robobrain settler for you!
  • Bunker Hill Faction Takeover: After you finish the vanilla story, the level 3 of this design will react to your choice!
  • Nukaworld Red Rocket Gang Decorations: If you make this an outpost for one of the gang's, at level 3, the gang will heavily decorate in their own unique style!
  • City Plan Contest Winning Entries: Rise of the Commonwealth never originally included designs for Boston Airport or Spectacle Island, but NDCowdy the winner of the contests for those settlements gave us permission to include his winning designs!

Thank You

To the wonderful conversion team who worked for months on porting and updating these designs to work with Sim Settlements 2!

To the amazing optimization team who did what we didn't have the heart to do, and stripped these down a bit to be useable without NASA computers.

  • Afetogbo
  • Krazyhorse
  • Moonbeam
  • moostick89
  • Radiomasson
  • Revived
  • scratched
  • Thorman
  • VikingBaggins
  • Woodfuzzy

The original design team who built these masterpieces (Note: The specific designers for each City Plan can be found during the select screen for the City Plan, or by choosing Manage City Plan from the City Planner's Desk, followed by View City Details.)