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A homage to the real-life Far Harbor! Features a massive hotel for artists, a large greenhouse, a Player Home, an enclosed dock, and beach-front relaxation. Strong Agricultural, Commercial, and Municipal focus, with some Industrial. Enjoy the rustic beauty of Far Harbor!

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The real location Far Harbor is based on a favored get-away spot of many. It inspired several landscape painters of the 1900s. It was also a favored summer get-away for the Rockefellers and other barons. It was close enough to Boston to enjoy the city, but far enough removed to enjoy the peaceful, rustic beauty of the Commonwealth. Many of these barons built "cottages" on Bar Harbor, massive mansions, often in Tudor style. Unfortunately, most of these were lost in a fire in the 1940s.

I did some research on Bar Harbor to see what I could find of what survived this historical time period. Bar Harbor used carriage roads with limited automotive support (as the American barons of the 1900s wanted). There are also SOME gardens and "cottages" that remain, but most were lost. I dug up what Architectural/Landscape sketches I could find to get a feel for the design choices. I did my best to restore these lost historic relics.

Welcome to Dalton Gardens. It features a large greenhouse, a closed-in dock with a small port for fishing boats, beach-front relaxation spots (with a bonfire), a massive American-Tudor style hotel with rooms for artists, some tents and campers for those who want to enjoy the rustic experience, a large player home with a private bed and workbenches, and plenty of views to appreciate the natural, eerie beauty of the region.

Strong Agricultural focus. 2 Industrial plots (Brewery and Organic Materials). 4 Commercial plots (Bar, Custom Bar, Custom General Diner, and beach-themed Clothing Store). Municipal Plots include Power, Water, Caravan Services, Communications, Taxes, and Sanitation. Implied shipping/movement with the rest of Far Harbor, including repaired roadway/drive-up within the borders/just outside the border. Fog Condensors set up with WRK but idk if they actually work like the vanilla ones do mechanically lol.