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Finch Farm City Plan for Sim Settlements 2.
Created for the February 2022 Sim settlements 2 City Plan Contest.

Permissions and credits
Please be sure to have a read through the Issues section below

The settlement is designed with specific plots chosen for their access points, themes and have structures built around them to suit a particular plot.
Please ensure you have selected Designers Choice ON in the options and have the Add-On packs I have used. You'll find a list of them at the bottom of this description, they are incredible so don't forget to send them your appreciation too! 
Some plots are set to begin at higher plot level in the Foundation city plan - to get these you will need to select Starting Plot Levels ON

NOTE on update:
Version 1.1 is the same as 1.0
The only difference is that version 1.1 has been compiled with the latest version of the web compiler.
Version 1.0 was compiled with an older version that did not include settler count for each level, and changes in the way city plans are now handled meant a bug could cause the settler count to be too low on these earlier compiled plans.

Settlement Overview

Finch Farm has progressed from just piles of scrap to a bona fide Scrap recovery and processing.
Why spend time carrying the scrap when you can float a barge up the Boston Rivers, load up and bring all that valuable scrap back to be sorted and processed. (Industrial focused settlement). 

Foundation Level - 10 settlers
1 Agricultural, 3 Industrial, 2 Municipal, 1 Commercial, 2 Martial
4 Recreational and training (STR, END, AGI)
8 Residential (2 dual occupant)

Level 1 - 14 Settlers
1 Agricultural, 5 Industrial, 2 Municipal, 2 Commercial, 3 Martial
6 Recreational and training (STR, END, AGI)
12 Residential (2 dual occupant)

Level 2 - 18 Settlers
2 Agricultural, 7 Industrial, 2 Municipal, 3 Commercial, 3 Martial
7 Recreational and training (STR, END, AGI)
15 Residential (3 dual occupant)

Level 3 - 22 Settlers
2 Agricultural, 11 Industrial, 2 Municipal, 3 Commercial, 3 Martial
8 Recreational and training (STR, END, AGI)
18 Residential (4 dual occupant)

ISSUES - Please Read!

Defense and Junk Storage

Junk Storage has a defense requirement - however any city plans not set to Full Involvement setting will still upgrade.  Large city plans with a lot of objects require a heap of junk storage. 
This plan does not cover the junk storage defense requirements (I didn't want to spam lots of martial plots).
I suggest you turn OFF the "Junk Storage Requires Defense" setting in SS2 options when you start and upgrade the plan, and then turn it back ON (if you want). 
This setting only effects junk storage placed at that time, turning it back will not change those junk storage containers placed when it was OFF. 

The Sniper tower a1x1 Martial at the main entrance has a heavy laser turret that will not automatically power up.  There is a conduit connector just to the lower gate side of the turret you can use to attach a wire.

The Sentry Bot from the hi-Tech martial plot doesn't like to be hit by you.. at all, it's not as tolerant as settlers, a little care around it is required. Also the turret on top may differ to the pics, as it has several versions, (try refresh if you don't like one you see, they can be different heights and colors).

Higher level plots need higher ability settlers

There are several plots of various types that require settlers with high Abilities.
This includes 1 advanced and 1 hi-tech martial plot requiring higher Agility.
Agricultural has 1 advanced plot, and 1 Hi-tech plot which requires higher Endurance.
Something I found was that when I had the settings Assignment Requirements Off, and Auto Assignment On, settlers would assign to these plots, then change to a new building plan, (if they change these to basic type, or reset to level 1 they will mess up settlement requirements).
Did you know you can use clothing items to help raise their abilities, and legendary items will stack.

Unpowered plots

When the city upgrades there's a chance the script load will cause some plots to not register the radial power nearby.  If you do encounter a plot which is unpowered, usually it just requires you to enter workshop mode, pick up and [TAB] release a nearby power pole and the plot should be powered.

Floating ASAMs

Yep, I deliberately didn't stick a post under a few ASAMs so they appear in the plan as floating (like the caravan one). You can go into workshop, pickup and move the ASAM to where is out of the way next to the plot's structure. It's fine to do. You will need to repeat the move if you refresh the plot, (or if it upgrades?) as it resets to the default position. 

Optional Files

If you can't wait through the city growth process I have included an optional file with the 4 levels as separate layouts you can build through the workbench layout menu.

ADD-ON's Used (and Higly Recommended!)
I have designed the settlement with the specific plots chosen, you can let it randomize, but might end up with access issues.
You may need to refresh the Martial plots as the turret can fail to spawn some times.

Wasteland Venturers Sim Settlements 2 Addon Pack by Tinuvia and Myrmarachne

Sim Settlements 2 Scrappers by Ohnno

Sim Settlements 2 - Junk Town 2 Addon Pack by Uituit

Sim Settlements 2 - Pra's Random Addon 2 by Pra

Sim Settlements 2 - Tiny Living by Freddrick

SS2 Superstructures - A Sim Settlements 2 Addon Pack by VFX

Jampads 2 - a Sim Settlements 2 Add-on by CaptainLaserBeam

Vault-Tec Tools - Sim Settlements 2 Addon Pack by Samutz and Wulfharth

Sim Settlements 2 - Ruined Homes and Gardens 2.0 by Ruinedworld

Sim Settlements 2 - So I Made Plans by Mikimikinyan or D-D-D-Decade