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Discovered quite by accident, this location is now a little city of 23+ settlers! It has all the potential to grow alongside Starlight and provide stability to the region.

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You killed the Behemoth. The raiders are cleaned out of Corvega, and Starlight is building into a nice little city, even with its problems. 

As you survey the land with its views and underground water you can tap into, the possibility to really create some sort of ‘community’ pulls at you. But there is much to do. 

“Stan, I don’t know,” you muse out loud, “this one will be a lot of work.” The almost pirate-like, handlebar mustache twisting, combined with his new, black cowboy hat still makes you smile. A real wrangler.

“Gen-e-ral…” Stan oozes in his new, more rugged tone, “While I completely agree that the work is substantial, we do have at least a dozen on a waitlist clambering for the opportunity to be founding… er… settlers.” 

Maybe more rugged, but ever the intellectual. You laugh as you nod your head. “Okay, Stan. You make a good point. And a bigger presence here might slow raiders from trying to take back Corvega.”

“Brilliant as always, General,” Stan coos.

“Seriously, Stan. Stop kissing my ass.” 

A tip of the hat in your direction. Basically, a two fingered salute. 

You sigh. At least he's stopped bowing like I'm royalty. But I'll keep the thrones.

To be sure you enjoy the city as Stan has planned, this mod requires the following with Designer's Choice and Starting Plot Levels: ON

I want to thank Kinggath and the Sim Settlements 2 team for filling my secret gaming life with thousands of hours of fun and adventure! And a special thank you to that bunch of scrappy builders and kind moderators over at We Are Builders.

The following plot types are included at level 3: 
3 Agri, 1 Comm, 3 Indust, 3 Martial, 4 Muni, 2 Rec, 15 Res     

IMPORTANT: During testing some items are not scraping inside the facility: 3 skeletons (and the couch one is sitting on), 4 greenhouse tables, 2 TVs, a table in the front room next to the door, the bathtub in the courtyard and the vent things on the roof (player home). All should be scrapped. Easier to do before you build. Location issue, not my mod. The skeletons require the use of a mod like Place Everywhere or just console: disable, then markfordelete.

You'll hear the settlement beacon (with player voice) coming from the radio in the sanctuary bed plots (it's on the shelf). Turn those 'settlement beacon' radios off.

There are two doors that are locked (advanced). Not at that level yet? Simply console: unlock

The Settlement Levels are designed to be: 12, 16, 20, 23. settlers respectively at L0, L1, L2, L3, but will level early (see note on file download).

This settlement includes a player home space and is survival playthrough friendly with the following accommodations:

  • Vanilla water, food (Razorgrain plot), and a nice warm bed
  • A Throne as usual 
  • All crafting stations

*Things to Note:

Note: Inevitably, in all city plans, minor issues arise some of the time with no clear consistency. There are just so many scripts. It just happens. So let’s do a quick checklist: 

Because I use these plans myself, I usually go back and make ‘improvements’ or build whole modded plans. I created a list of 25 mods that I work from for those plans. You can check out that list on my MODestly Settled City Plans page. Here’s a few that didn’t make that list, that have earned a space in my load order: 

UNDRCVR Simply Settled Fairline Outpost Contest Entry Vanilla + SS2 Add-ons
UNDRCVR Guns 'N Roses Nahant RR Eta Outpost Requires 19 Mods
UNDRCVR Guns 'N Roses Abernathy Outpost Requires 19 Mods
UNDRCVR Guns 'N Roses Jamaica Plain Outpost Requires 18 Mods
UNDRCVR Guns 'N Roses Starlight Requires 18 Mods
UNDRCVR Guns 'N Roses RR Player Home Layout 
UNDRCVR Midnight Refuge Jamaica Plain - Requires 13+ Mods
UNDRCVR Midnight Refuge at Taffington Boathouse - Requires 13+ Mods
UNDRCVR Midnight Refuge at Hangman's Alley - Requires 13+ mods
UNDRCVR MODestly Settled Plans 2023 - Require 20 mods
UNDRCVR Simply Settled City Plans 2022 - Vanilla + SS2 Add-ons
UNDRCVR MODestly Settled City Plans 2022 - Require 20 mods
UNDRCVR Simply Settled Mechanist's Lair - Contest Finalist! Vanilla + SS2 Add-ons
UNDRCVR Simply Settled Nuka Rocket Hotel - Contest Entry Vanilla + SS2 Add-ons
UNDRCVR Simply Settled Graygarden - Contest Winner! Vanilla + SS2 Add-ons
UNDRCVR Simply Settled Castle - Vanilla + SS2 Add-ons
UNDRCVR Simply Settled Greentop - Contest Finalist! Vanilla + SS2 Add-ons