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Fixes clipping between 'Sim Settlements 2' and 'The Fens Sheriff's Department' mods in Diamond City. Purely cosmetic and not required for both mods to function together.

Permissions and credits
Formerly 'Sim Settlements 2 - The Bleachers A Diamond City Story - Cosmetic Patch'

Now updated for The Fens Sheriff's Department, the successor and sequel to The Bleachers. The Ron's office has taken a slight sojourn to the left of its original location, and the scenery around it has been modified to create a seamless experience with both mods installed. This is a hopefully less janky solution compared to version 1.0.

The plugin is .esl flagged. See the before and after pictures for comparison. No navmeshes were altered. The dialogue scene that happens during 'The Coolest Cat' quest functions as it should in the new location. 

**For StoryWealth users: Version 1.2 is already rolled into a StoryWealth Diamond City compatibility patch, so using this with that modpack/collection would be redundant. 

Sim Settlements 2 version 2.3.1a+
The Fens Sheriff's Department version .94 or greater

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Special Thanks:
Kinggath et al for Sim Settlements 2
MunkySpunk for The Bleachers and The Fens Sheriff's Department
Bethesda for Fallout 4, and the temperamental mistress known as the Creation Kit

My stuff: 
That Guy#8995 on Discord, or Spacedroner in most other places. If I screwed anything up this is the best way to contact me.