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A Sim Settlements 2 City plan for use with the Vault 81 settlement from VFX.

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After many forays helping the isolationists of Vault 81 and a little sweet talking, a grand deal was struck between the Overseer of Vault 81 and the fellow vault dweller to allow the construction of a trade and industrial hub outside of the vault. Enlisting the help of a new friend and with extremely interesting new technology in the form of ASAM's, the sole survivor spared no time or expense, building a settlement like no other a top the once isolated Vault 81. Growing from a couple farms and small trade hub, into a spalling metropolis of tomorrow mixing the best of Vault-Tec technology and good old fashion scavenged materials.

Welcome to Vault Hub 81 - A Sim Settlements 2 City Plan
Designed by Din'elen DarkStar for use with the Vault 81 Settlement by VFX

For best results you will want to have Designer's Choice and Starting Level set to ON in your SS2 settings!

At level 3 this plan can job and house 45 settlers.

Adding this line to your Fallout4Custom.ini [General] section will allow you to get to the settler count.
setgs iWorkshopSettlerPopulationMax 50;

You will need about 11000 in Virtual Storage to get the plan to level to 1
You will need about 37500 in Virtual Storage to get the plan to level to 2
You will need about 73000 in Virtual Storage to get the plan to level to 3
These totals can be achieved by inner settlement storage or through the network.

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