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These plots are designed to provide the player (and settlers, bless their hearts) decent cover during a raid.

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I do not check this website often, please message me in discord for any questions


Agriculture Plots

* 1x1 Concrete Chicken Coop
Poultryman grows and sells his own razorgrains, eggs and poultry.
L1: 1 Chicken
L2: 2 More Chickens (Total 3)
L3: 2 More Chickens (Total 5)
* 2x2 Concrete Ag Farm (Mutfruit, Tato and Corn)
Farmer grows and sells mutfruit, tato and corn (wild and fresh variants included)
L1: 1 Bed and Mutfruit Farms
L2: Cooking Station and Tato Farms
L3: Chemistry Station and Corn Farms

Commercial Plot
* 1x1 Fungus Store
Settler is also equiped with a Hazmat Suit and Plasma Gun
Each Level provides Glowing Fungus (L1), Brain Fungus (L2) and Blightshroom (L3) at the workbench if settler needs are met.
L1: 1 Settler bed and sells Glowing Fungus and Acid based junk.
L2: Sells Brain Fungus, Rad X and Rad Away
L3: Sells Blight and Condensed Fog

Industrial Plots (all 4 variants)
* 1x1 Building Materials
* 1x1 Machine Part Materials
* 1x1 Organic Materials
* 1x1 Rare Materials

Best placed in any foundation.
Scavenger is a Robotics Expert geared to roam the waste with Robot Armor Set and Laser Pistol
L1: 1 Settler bed, sells basic Junk
L2: 1 Eye Bot, for scouting
L3: 1 Junk Bot for hauling and settler sells Materials Shipments

Martial Plots
* 1x1 Ant Swarm Tamer
Best placed on any Dirt Foundation.
Long Concrete Stairs in Front Door of the Plot.
Settler is equipped with Hunting Rifle and a Western Duster
L1: 1 Settler bed, 2 Spotlights and 1 Ant Swarm. Also sells Ant Meat and Mutfruits.
L2: 1 more Ant Swarm (Total of 2)
L3: 2 more Ant Swarm (Total of 4)

* 1x1 Bloat Fly Tamer
Settler is equipped with Hunting Rifle and a Western Duster
L1: 1 Settler bed, 2 Bloat Flies. Also sells Bloatfly drops and Mutfruits.
L2: 2 more Bloat Flies (Total of 4)
L3: 2 more Bloat Flies (Total of 6)

* 1x1 Stingwing Tamer (Advanced Martial Plot, requires 5 AGI)
2nd and 3rd storey will clip (Left, Right and Back) if placed (1x1) besides another building. Settler is equiped with Hunting Rifle and a Western Duster
L1: 1 Settler bed, 1 Stingwing. Also sells Stingwing drops and Mutfruits.
L2: 2 more Stingwings (Total of 3)
L3: 3 more Stingwings (Total of 6)

Municipal Plots
* 1x1 Molerat Tamer / Brahmiluff Cravanaeer
Settler trained Molerats to detect danger for a safer caravan route.
L1: 1 Settler bed, Brahmiluff Caravan and 1 Molerat Guard
L2: 2nd Molerat Guard
L3: 3rd Molerat Guard

* 1x1 Communication Sniper Tower
L1: 1 Settler bed and Mutfruit Plants
L2: Sniper Tower
L3: 4 Spot Lights

Residential Plot
* 1x1 Concrete Defensible Home
L1: 1 Bed
L2: 1 Spotlight
L3: Razorgrain, provides 1.5 Food for settlement (does not produce in Workshop Inventory)

* 2x2 Concrete Defensible Home
L1: Bunk Bed (1 Player can use and 1 for the Settler), Cooking Stove and Chemistry Station.
L2: Weapon and Armor Workbench
L3: Power Armor and Robot Work Station

To avoid problems with the Automatron Quest Line, do not use the Work Station spawned by this Plot to:
1) Install the Radar Beacon during the quest A New Threat
2) Create Jezebel during the quest Headhunting
3) Install the MSAT during the quest Restoring Order
You must follow the instructions of the Quest A New Threat, to Create your own Robot Work Station in your settlement and use that Work Station solely to progress through the Automatron Quest Line.