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A fortified comm hub in the south-west Commonwealth themed for the Minutemen, perfect for keeping an eye on the local Gunners.

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You never know what's going to crawl out of the Glow!  Keep an eye on whatever is hardy enough to call the 
radioactive south-western Commonwealth home with this concrete strongpoint, while dispatching salvage teams 
to harvest anything of value left in the area.

When the Minutemen move into an already-inhabited area, local goodwill is key.  Maintaining the Somerville 
estate (and even helping with improvements to the existing development) allows the Minutemen to do just that 
while they build on the rocky hill behind the farm.  Relying on imported materials minimizes the footprint 
needed, and using the existing house as the core of an access-controlled bridge and gate plan allows the 
garrison to have complete control over anyone approaching the fort. 

This city plan is small and lightweight, maxing out at 11 plot jobs when fully built, but leaving lots of 
space for customization by players.  Bed count will exceed jobs at L1 and L2 by design, as unassigned 
settlers will accumulate scrap and speed along development.

L0: 5 jobs, starts with caravan.
L1: 5 jobs, adds initial fortifications
L2: 5 jobs, full residential count achieved
L3: 11 jobs, adds comm hub