Fallout 4

About this mod

In Nuka World, a fortified Red Rocket and a comfortable town.

Permissions and credits
The sole survivor after discovering the region of Nuka World, considers that there are many resources to exploit.
With the help of a handful of settlers, he decides to fortify the Red Rocket into a fortress capable of producing large quantities of materials.
Some of them are busy collecting as much as possible, starting with all the vehicles parked in Nuka World.
The others secure the place to start production.
The settlers, reassured by the security of the place, decide to settle next to the fortified service station.
A comfortable village is born "Nuka Rocket".

  • It is a leveled city plan, so you have to be patient between each level. If you are not patient there is an optional file that offers the last level plan completed.
  • If you want the same decor as on the pictures and video, you should have some sim settlements 2 Addon installed ( You have the links below).
  • On the first level, you will have the fortified Red Rocket
  • In the second level, you will have the town which will grow to level 3.
  • On the last level 24 beds, 40 food, 43 water

The addons I used :

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