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TenPines Bluff has always been a settlement I never cared for. But now, I gave it some TLC and made it into a settlement I love to visit and see on how the town has grown.

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Tenpine Bluffs

Tenpine Bluffs hasn't ever really been a settlement I was happy to help or build at. The Lopsided terrain and just everything in it had some really weird spacing. But now I'm rebuilding up the commonwealth one settlement at a time. I dug in beep and gave it some TLC and I'm really happy with the end result. This is a Transfer Settlement Blueprint. However I wanted to see what is possible with the Sims Settlement 2 for building up a town. And man it didn't disappoint. I'm really happy with how the town came out and I hope you will be too. This isn't a heavily modded settlement. So it will be easy on your system. The blueprint is 1200 pieces in all. I was also able to go just outside of the towns barrier. So this settlement build is a bit bigger then what is normally allowed. 

On another note. If you have Sims Settlements 2, I do suggest finishing the questline for it. Doing so will unlock many more types of plots and benefits for your settlement. Tenpine Bluffs was built with the extra plots that came available after the main questline.

Also when importing the file make sure you check the "sims settlements" option on the bottom of the list. 

This settlement offers:

  • 21 Settler Ready 
  • 233 defense
  • 100 power
  • 43 water
  • Caravan friendly
  • Lore friendly

This settlement will only need 4 mods. I have a link for all mods needed on the file download section. If for some reason the file doesn't place the file in the correct place. Then the mod won't read the file. If this happens go to your Fallout4 folder. then follow this: Data/F4SE/PLUGINS/TRANSFERSETTLEMENTS/BLUEPRINTS... Place the #7 folder in the blueprints folder. Then load up the game. You're all set. If you need more in depth help then go to the Transfer Settlements page. Here is a link: Transfer Settlements - Shareable Settlement Blueprints

Please check out my mod page. 
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I have two more bodyslides presets and many settlement blueprints to offer!

I hope you enjoy this settlement. I hope to bring more settlements in the future. 

Thank you