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This turns Croup Manor into a winding haunted house with some mad scientist vibes. Designed with future Conquest assault/defense in mind. End focus is on the production and sale of chems.

Permissions and credits
The people who settled Croup manor had it hard at first. However they decided to take advantage of the building's reputation as part of it's defense over time it became a bit of a maze with dead ends and decorated to disorient would be attackers. It wasn't the easiest place for residents to navigate, but the protection it offered was welcome. In time some industrious settlers started manufacturing chems and eventually opening up a medical shop on the grounds. Had they made a brilliant decision or painted a target on their settlement?

  • Settlers can fully navigate the settlement.
  • A long, winding path to the roof of the building.
  • Idle markers and a patrol route included.
  • Limited fencing.
  • 11 jobs and 14 beds when fully built.

Stage 0

  • 2 farm plots
  • Water plot
  • Power plot
  • Defense plot
  • Building Material plot

Stage 1

  • Caravan Plot

Stage 2
  • Defense plot
  • Building material plot converted into Organic material collection plot
  • 2 turrets
  • Recreation plot
  • Chem factory

Stage 3

  • Medical store

Known Issues, things to consider
  • I recommend not moving or scrapping anything inside the building as some of the furniture gets moved later.
  • Once the building material collection plot is converted growth will be very slow if the settlement isn't connected to another provider. Or you can add one to the settlement.
  • I used a few decorations from the DLC but it should not make a big difference if you just have the base game.