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let's you push around and quick trade even when running Sim Settlements 2 and Workshop Plus

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When running Get Out Of My Face together with Sim Settlements 2 or Workshop Plus, you normally cannot push around your settlers (or even those notoriously door-blocking brahmins).
When running QuickTrade together with Sim Settlements 2, Workshop Plus and Get Out Of My Face, you are normally forced into a conversation with every settler when they get near. Additionally with QuickTrade Sim Settlement 2's Vit-O-Matic doesn't offer a quick "Scan" activator when equipped.
-> This patch goes sure all of these features work together nicely.

  • When you have SS2's Vit-O-Matic equipped you get the "Scan" dialogue shortcut (as long as you do not get too close)
  • When it is not equipped you can use QuickTrade's "TRADE" and "INVENTORY" dialogue options (as long as you do not get too close)
  • When you get close enough (distance configured in Get Out Of My Face holotape) you can push everybody around (also settlers and brahmins)
  • When sneaking you can still use Workshop Plus's "Track Items" feature
  • Should also support SS2's "Pet" and "Pet Options" features (although the distance "Pet" is offered as dialogue option is quite small before you are offered to push your pet -> if you use a pet it is probably best to set the Get Out Of My Face distance to 50 instead of the default 100 ...I did not use SS2's pets yet, so let me know if it doesn't work for you)
  • Additionally I also enabled the Vit-O-Matic's "Scan" feature for companions (should also work for most mod added companions - also tested with Heather - as long as they use the default "CurrentCompanionFaction")
  • light plugin - does not take up a mod slot

  • via NMM/Vortex (or put the .esp to your Data folder and activate it)
  • should not make any problems when being installed or uninstalled mid-game
Known Issues/Compatibility:
  • None - only overwrites existing entries
  • place after the original mods
  • (QuickTrade Redux uses the same esp-name as QuickTrade... this patch is for Quick Trade, not for QuickTrade Redux. Be aware that it will not work properly with QuickTrade Redux)
Have fun!