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Murkwater CS - Sim Settlements 2 City Plan Contest Entry - May 2021

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There is a change happening. 
I don’t know enough about Sim Settlements 2 to be helpful when someone has a problem.
They have built it so I don’t need to know anything. I just put the plots down and watch them go.
Effective immediately the comments will be turned off.
If you need help go to Sim Settlements Forum.
They are best equipped to help.

What happens to people that are abandoned and overlooked?
Where do they go?
What do they do?
They end up at Murkwater.
One time, long ago, it was a construction site.
Not anymore. Now it's a deconstruction site. 
It's a site of death and dispair.
No one cares about them.
No one will help them.
What do they eat? 
How do they survive?

My idea was more of a roleplaying theme.
Being abandoned and forgotten has changed these people.
They have electricity on the plots that need it (game requirement).
But they live as if they don't have electricity.
There is no commerce or industry. No caravan, nobody wants to trade with them.
Humanity shunned these people to this place and this is what they have become.
What would you do to survive?

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