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Ultra light, 1x1 bare bones residential plans for interior use with Sim Settlements 2. THESE PLANS COME WITH ONLY THE BEDS.

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V1.1 Added skins without top cots for all wall cot plans.

Contains 8 residential indoor plans for 1x1 plots. These plans come with ONLY the beds that have an ASAM sensor attached to them, so they're ideal to use in those awkward long and narrow spaces, empty spaces left in prefab structures by other interior plots, under the stairs etc. Or maybe there's stuff on the floors you want to place beds on/over or you want full control of decor. Or if you simply want some military cots in your life. Miniature file size and the lack of items also make these super light on performance (no more burnt potatoes!).

Pack includes:

1x single bed plan

Military Cot Solo
A single cot centered against back wall

4x 2 bed plans

Military Cots Duo
2 cots on side walls toward back wall

Two Sum Wall Cots Left/Right

2 wall cots on left/right side wall toward back wall
Single occupancy skins without top cot included

Couple's Quarter

A double bed centered against back wall

2x 3 bed plans

Military Cots Trio Left/Right
3 cots on back/side walls, entrance from front left/right

1x 4 bed plan

Four Sum Wall Cots
2 wall cots on both side walls toward back wall
Dual occupancy skin without top cots included

Xbox version at https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4281751