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This is a Sim Settlements 2 City Plan for the Slog Settlement. This is larger and a bit more detailed than most of the "minimalist" plans I do. As usual, however, this incorporates Caravan at L0, and is designed around a settler count of 11/16/26 settlers. More details below.

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This settlement was one I had wanted to build for quite a while with this idea of having a full on hotel with lots of room, and dining/restaurant area, and a "mall" type area with shops and other facilities. For a variety of reasons, this one took me quite a while to finally get to the point where I was happy with it.

As is my recent habit, you can find full specs for the addon on my google sheet with plot details, settlers, and when each plot "levels in". Basic details can be found here however:
  • Population supported at L1/2/3 - 11/16/26
  • Caravan plot available right away at L1
  • Reasonably self-sufficient city plan, you may find you need to tweak food/water/defense depending on your settler skills
  • This plan does have an Advanced Farm plot and Advanced Military plot at L1. I believe this plan will be implemented at a point in your play through where you will have more highly skilled settlers available. I did, however include training plots (starting at L2). Some tweaking may be necessary.
  • This does use an Advanced power plot at L2.
  • I've not had any power grid issues during the entire build. I tried to keep things simple, power-wise, so hopefully that won't give you any grief.
  • There is significant military presence in this city plan, due to the high storage needs (especially at L3). If you don't want that much, turn off the "Storage requires Defence" option.

Can't think of anything else at the moment. My sincere thanks to the Sim Settlements team, all the folks over at the We Are Builders Discord who provide such a healthy ongoing discussion and guidance for builders!

If you need help with this plan, please contact me over at the CM (Collective Modding) discord, and specifically, the -ss2-addons-city-plans channel on there.