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Fill last few gaps between Fallout 4 VR and Sim Settlements 2.

Manual assignment, settlement resource viewer and others.

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== What's Included ==
Management Quest Fix:
  • Fill master plugin gap between original Fallout 4 and Fallout 4 VR so that management quest starts correctly.

Manual Assignment Fix:
  • Address issue where settlers can't be assigned to Sim Settlement's plots manually.

Settlement Resource Viewer:
  • In original Fallout 4, available resource in settlement can be checked via HUD framework interface, which isn't available for VR. So I made special menu interface for the purpose(Image). To check resource, build City Planner's Desk and use alternative activation to city supply container(Image).
  • (New in v1.1)Also Settlement Summary such as plot assignments or cleanliness can be checked with another menu(Image). To check summary, use alternative activation to City Manager Terminal(Image).

ASAM and Vit-o-matic Interface Patch:
  • Interfaces for ASAM(plaque for Sim Settlement's plot) and Vit-o-matic(settler scanner device) have got patch to correctly offset.

General Book Interface Fix(Experimental):
  • You know, book interface in VR is something awful. With this experimental patch, the book text becomes greenish, but at least becomes legible(Image).

== Installation ==
  1. Install Workshop Framework.
  2. Install Sim Settlements 2.
  3. (Optional) Install Sim Settlements 2 - Chapter 2.
  4. For each plugins you've just installed above, open it in FO4VREdit and modify plugin version to '0.95'(Image).
  5. Install 'VRCP_SS2' from this mod's main file section.
  6. (Optional) Install 'VRCP_SS2 - Experimental Book Interface Fix' from this mod's optional file section, if you prefer.

== Recommendation and INI Settings ==
  • Sim Settlements 2 is a script heavy mod. So there are few knowledge bases to follow for a solid experience.
  • Following INI settings are recommended to allow Sim Settlements 2 to use more CPU time. These settings affect FPS, but gain stability and reduce chance save data becoming corrupt.

  • [Papyrus]

  • When start new game, don't activate script heavy mods like Sim Settlements 2 before exiting the Vault. There are a lot of vanilla start up scripts running in that time. Tasking additional strain may result in corrupt save data.
  • Don't activate too much mods that have scripts or quests at once. This incurs script overload too.

== Known Issues and Further Plans ==
  • In quest 'Where There's Smoke', when you're prompted to lower weapon, controllers seemingly freeze and stop responding. To proceed quest, just open favorite menu and sheath weapon.
  • F4SE plugin 'wsfw_identifier.dll' can't run on VR. Seemingly this file is related to settlement layout exporting. Normal game play is not affected by absence. (Remember, Sim Settlements are also available to XBOX)
  • Chapter 2 contents are yet to be tested.