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SOE Pack will give you more choice of settlement objects. Build your own settlement and standout from the others in the Wasteland...

Permissions and credits

UPDATE v1.6.8 - Add High Tech light addon, clock and more...
For details, please view my sticky post or change log

If you don't have all/any DLCs, please select and install Non DLC version

Available on Bethesda.net with PC & Xbox version (Link below)

Please READ the following info before you install this mod as to avoid any issues
READ the installation section for details (or view the video)


SOE Pack will add over 1500/2000 (Non DLC/All DLC) new objects to your workshop for you to build a more realistic and customized settlement. Objects from vanilla to custom made, like structure and decoration from Institute, Vault, USS Constitution, Mechanist in DLC, BOS, Yangtze...even objects like furniture, lights, generators, guard post, crafting station, swimming pool etc. A variety of objects that suitable for all types of builders, immersive or high tech style settlement, you can build what you like with the SOE Pack.

This mod use script injection to add custom menus to your workshop, it can help prevent conflicts between modded menus but you would need to remove the menus in-game first when you uninstall or disable the mod, so make sure you read the install/uninstall info before download. As of v1.6.4, a settings holotape will be added to your inventory for you to perform menus and water/FX objects configuration, read the installation section for menus settings, and my sticky post for water/FX objects settings (you can also view the above videos).

Have request or suggestion on new objects? Please post in the forum section.
Want to know what's coming in next version? Go to the WIP Sneak Peak.

Available on Bethesda.net!

PC - All DLC - Bethesda.net
PC - Non DLC - Bethesda.net
XBOX ONE - All DLC - Bethesda.net
DLC - Bethesda.net

Custom menus added by this mod (with script injection)

Menus will be added under workshop sub-category as shown below by default, you can move the menus into a single category under the main menu via settings holotape (required v1.6.7 or later)

- Vault (if you have the DLC)
  -> Power
  -> SOE Rooms
- SOE Pack

- SOE Pack

- SOE Pack

- SOE Pack

Notes: Most objects in Furniture Misc prior to v1.3.0 have been moved to the Decoration custom category
Some objects in this mod still use vanilla categories like
doors, statues, crafting stations, guard posts, water purifiers etc.

Patch available (included in the main file):

- Patch for Auto Doors
Make doors in this mod compatible with auto doors function. To work with the Auto Doors patch, make sure your main Auto Doors esp is named as AutoDoors.esp, otherwise it won't work and warn you file is missing.

- Light Shadow Disabler Patch
Will disable Spotlight & Klaxon Light Shadow, ideal for low-end PC and people who want to build a lot of these lights without affecting performance

- All Light Shadow Enabler Patch [! Performance Warning]
Will enable shadow for all lights in this mod, ideal for PC master race and extra immersion (DON'T use it unless you have a powerful GPU)

Following info is written for v1.6.4 or later, see the readme file for previous version.

- How to Install

  • Install the mod archive with Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) or any other mod managers
  • OR manually unpack the archive and copy the ESP plugin (and optional Patch ESP plugin), BA2 archive files into the game Data\ directory
  • Enable the plugin with mod managers or the in-game mod menu, a settings holotape will be added to your inventory when you load the game.

- How to Uninstall

  • Open the settings holotape in your pipboy and 'Uninstall SOE Pack menus' under menus settings (A confirm message should pop up)
  • Save/Quick save the game
  • Now you can quit the game and disable the plugin (esp)

  • If you have multiple character saves with this mod enabled, repeat steps 1-2 on all these saves before you disable the mod.

- Forgot to uninstall menus before removing the mod?

In case you forgot to uninstall the menu before you disable the plugin, you should found your Structure, Furniture, Decoration and Power
category missing from the workshop. You can download and install the Menu Fixer plugin available in Optional Files.

  • Go to 'Utility' category and craft 'Workshop Menu Fixer' in chem workbench
  • Use the chem in your pipboy (A message should pop up)
  • Save/Quick save the game
  • Now you can quit the game and disable the Fxier plugin

- How to Update

Update by using mod manager (NMM/any other managers)
  • Download the new version. Remove current version and install the new version
  • Make sure you don't have any loose MESHES/MATERIAL/SCRIPTS files from old version that is not in ba2 archive

Update manually (From before v1.4.0)
  • Download the new version. Remove loose files of current version and install the new version
  • Make sure you don't have any loose MESHES/MATERIAL/SCRIPTS files from old version that is not in ba2 archive

Update manually (From v1.4.0 or later)
  • Download the new version. Overwrite current version files with the files of the new version

Notes: You DON'T need to use any in-game menu uninstaller or reinstaller chem during the update process.

- Switching between All DLC & Non DLC version

  • Make sure you have valid game save with current version
  • Quit to menu and disable/remove current version
  • Download the version you want to switch and enable it
  • Load the game

Notes: DO NOT load and alter any game save during Steps 2-3.
You can switch back to any version you want, however you will lose built objects from DLC if you switch from All DLC to Non DLC version

- SOE Pack menus is missing?

  • Open the settings holotape in your pipboy and 'Reinstall SOE Pack menus' under menus settings (A install notification should pop up)
  • Save/Quick save the game

- Vanilla menus is missing?

If you found your vanilla menus are missing while having this mod installed, you can revert the vanilla menus with the settings holotape. This will also remove the SOE Pack and any script-added menus from other mods, you can reinstall the SOE Pack menus manually in the holotape later. A separate menu fixer is needed if the missing menus is caused by improper uninstallation of this mod.

- Troubleshooting

If you still encounter crash or cannot find certain objects while using this mod, it may caused by the following:

  • Too many mods (any type of mods) that add a large amount of keywords to your game, thus causing issues (256 keywords limit in game before game v1.4/ 65536 keywords limit in game v1.4 or above), this mod will add about 150 keywords.
  • Using mods that MODIFY INTERFACE (UI) of the game, try backup and remove any .swf files that has 'workshop' in the name in Data\Interface\
  • Esp plugin files not placed/enabled correctly like enabling optional patch that you don't need in fact
  • Archive files not placed/installed correctly, especially for those encounter crash in certain category of menu (Please manually check the files is copy correctly no matter you installed it manually OR using mod manager (including NMM), because NMM/mod manager may missed files)
  • Mods that alter perks may cause crashing. Like crashing when browsing the SOE Power Misc category as terminal require hacker perk.Try disable mods that alter the perk may resolve the issue

Black gold texture for Vault Luxury Room set (All DLC version)
- Still don't know what the cause is, but save and reload the game will fix.

Different appearance of objects in outdoor and indoor settlements
- Due to different lighting settings of outdoor and indoor settlement (like sun and moon light), some objects (most likely water and glass) will appear differently which nothing I or you could do about it.

Buggy IKEA Chaise Lounge Chair
- Chaise Lounge Chair pieces are currently experimental and very buggy.

Vault DLC Structure snapping with Vanilla Extensions
Vanilla Extensions modified the snap points of all Vault DLC pieces and block other mods that include Vault DLC related structure from using the default DLC snap points. You can backup and edit the Vanilla Extensions plugin in FO4edit to make it compatible with SOE Pack and other mods that add Vault DLC related structure by deleting all Vault DLC overridden Static (STAT) record (editiorID start with VltWorkshop and highlighted with yellow). If you don't want to do the editing works, then you will have switch to the Non DLC version of Vanilla Extensions.

Water & FX objects with Transfer Settlements
- Water and FX objects are fully compatible with Transfer Settlements as of v1.6.4 of SOE Pack, require v1.4 or later of Transfer Settlements.

Pixelated/artifact of GOBO texture for special light source
- Special light source used vanilla GOBO (WIKI here if you don't understand what it means) texture to acheive masked light effect, however the quality of vanilla GOBO texture is terrible, you can download Fixed Gobo Effects by Ablaze666 to improve/fix the texture.

Features of this mod
- Script Injected Custom Menus
- Structure Power Transmit Function

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The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition by LogRaam aka Gabriel Mailhot

Ponytail Variations by opengts
Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction by ChaosWWW (F4ECC 1.2 used)
Fallout 4 Seasons Project by GameDuchess (Summer used)
Concealed Armors by Nisas
Homemaker - Expanded Settlements by NovaCoru
Water Enhanced by Jmane2009 (4K version used)
The Institute Pip-boy by Aeyos

- Credits
DarthWayne (Custom Menu Script Template)
PROVIZ/www.proviz.info (IKEA furniture model)

- Permission
You CANNOT reupload any part or entire content of this mod without my permission.
You CAN ONLY use, modify any part or entire content of this mod for individual use.
If you have any better idea or want to use asset in this mod, please message me.

- Translation
Russian (gamer-mods.ru)

Created with Creation Kit, FO4edit, NifSkope, 3ds Max, paint.NET, Material Editor,  FOMOD Creation Tool

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