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This is a very complex build of Sanctuary. It has much that can be explored and changes the norm. This settlement was involved in research and collection of species

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A settlement with secrets, this version of sanctuary is built upon the scheme of a mad scientist who collects people and creatures.
the man was mad of course but rich and able to build something quite large.  Most of the settlement blueprint should come together
ok with the exception of an occasional panel, roof part etc..   The Electrical is another story however as the more complex parts do not
work always when put back together using a blue print.  I have made electrical outlet doors here and there to gain access to hidden connectors
and wires.  in most cases the problem is the connector that passes through the wall needs to be re-snaped. sometimes the conduit needs to
be resnapped.   On some occasions the proximity detector at a door gets reversed so that enemy and foe are opposites.  The main part is the construction
of the entire site will be pretty much in tact.    I have listed many required mods for this blue print.   Some of them you may get away with not using
but I would tell you to try all of them and then decide which ones you can not use as in the case of building I may have used a one door or window
from one where in another I used the wall frame work.     This blueprint also requires my mod to level the ground to fit the blue print.
it can be found here 

If its not listed this Mod I believe requires  DDP AIO Standalone - DD All In One Standalone