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As the Institute expands on the surface it needs new locations and resources

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These are the new Institute settlements based on them destroying the Brotherhood of Steel and the Railroad.  The game feels unfinished at the end ...... just a few synth checkpoints, your speech occasionally playing on the radio but not much else.  We know that the Institute scavenged the surface for resources to build the underground facility.  And now that they control the Commonwealth, they obviously can expand freely wherever they wish and occupy the Commonwealth more fully .....  hopefully you will enjoy my vision!

There are now six different settlement files in this one mod .... more to be added.  

The first six sites ...........

Institute Series Settlements

Institute Series - Surface Operations Base (Spectacle Island) ...... main base of operations
Institute Series - Satellite Tracking Station (Coastal Cottage) ..... Institute leveraging existing satellites that survived the war
Institute Series - Powering the Commonwealth (Starlight Drive-in) ..... creating power to bring life back to the Commonwealth using cold fusion not hot fission!
Institute Series - Scavenging Depot (Jamaica Plains) ..... gathering resources to build and expand the Institutes presence
Institute Series - Commonwealth Food Depot (Abernathy Farms) .....  the Institute has leveraged the Commonwealth citizens for food resources
Institute Series - FEV Lab (Sunshine Tidings Coop) ..... institute lab on FEV reversal vaccines


Step 1 - Secure each settlement workshop before downloading blueprint

Step 2 - Load the following Bethesda Mods  (based on which sites you are downloading)

  1. Clean & Smooth - Spectacle Island
  2. Clean & Smooth - Starlight Drive-in
  3. Clean & Smooth - Coastal Cottage
  4. Clean & Smooth - Jamaica Plain
  5. Clean & Smooth - Sunshine Tidings
  6. Better Stores

Step 3 - Download the following Nexus Mods    (links to necessary mods will be provided when you start to download the file)

  1. Advanced Bubble Turrets 
  2. AS Craftable Institute Stations
  3. Build Your own Pool
  4. CWSS
  5. Do it Yourshelf
  6. G2M - Workshop
  7. Homemaker
  8. Institute Reclaimation Chair
  9. Northland Diggers
  10. OCDecorator
  11. Port Royal
  12. Settlement Objects Expansion
  13. Workshop Synth Production
  14. Workshop Rearranged

Step 4 - Download each Blueprint, unzip the file with 7-Zip and copy the folder to your Data folder.

These will occupy folders 40-45

Step 5 - Load the Blueprints using the the Transfer Settlement Holotape.


Tips for successfully importing file.

1. Set Game to Low-Resolution during import .....

2. Disable in-game saves

3. Transfer Settlement Options
a. General Settings - use Stable Preset, with the following options selected
- Shut down generators during the power-up phase
- Turn off NPC AI during import
b. Import settings - only the following options selected
- Import DLC Items
- Import Mod-Added Items
- Import or Nuke Marker-Based Items
- Import Wired Power Connections

4. Stay in settlement during import

Known Issue:

Institute Series - Surface Operations Base (Spectacle Island) 

1. Synth Workshop parts will import into trees by Spectacle Island Workshop.  The mixer arms and the fluids inside the containers are imported into the trees.  Main component will be in right place.

1. Go into console mode " ~ "
2. Select item to be moved (two need to be moved)
3. Type the following positioning steps for each item
   Setpos x 72203.95
   Setpos y -60030.34
   Setpos z 996.20
   Setangle x 0
   Setangle y 0
   Setangle z 180
4. Repeat 3 for second item
5. Exit console mode " ~ "

items should now be in the right locations

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My Blueprints

Crow's Nest Bar
Sanctuary Starter Home
Starship Orion
The Institute Series
Spectacle Island Aquarium
Hell ... A Vault 88 Blueprint
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Fisherman's Village 
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