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"So, the Super Mutant's name is... Soup? Why?"
"He said something about a Super Salad, but I think he meant Soup or Salad... I dunno, man. It's a bad joke."

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A super mutant and a scientist have taken up residence on the tiny island with the Welcome to Far Harbor Billboard that your boat drives past. They are conducting a very delicate experiment.

Here is a [YouTube] link to a walkthrough of this build -

This build started very small. Dunno how I let it go so far... I just really got into the characters I created it for. Initially, I wanted to do a single, super-tall, crooked janky tower. But I decided to build an off-shoot tower because I fancied the idea of having bridges connecting them.

I've never done a modded build this extensive before, and I know the hefty mod requirement is a deterrent. So, I will be listing my own personal load order, exactly, for each building mod involved. I have zero errors with the load order i'm gonna list. I personally place all mods which add objects into the build menu close to the top of the entire Load Order, underneath the mods that add quests to the game.

  • Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource v4.02
  • USO Base Game (core component of Unlocked Settlement Objects)
  • Conquest - Build New Settlements and Camping - Conquest 1.3 Release
  • Transfer Settlements - Shareable Settlement Blueprints - Transfer Settlements v1.50
  • Auto Doors - Auto Doors 2.8
  • Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
  • USO Season Pass (add-on for Unlocked Settlement Objects)
  • Border Junk - Border Junk
  • NorthlandDiggers Resources - Animals - Landscape - Garden and more... - NorthlandDiggers 1.4
  • Snappy HouseKit - Snappy HouseKit
  • Workshop Decorations Pack - Workshop Decorations Pack
  • SnapBeds - Usable Bunk Beds - Mix and Match Beds - SnapBeds
  • Workshop Rearranged - Workshop Rearranged
  • Just Debris - Craftable Decoration - Just Debris
  • Housekeeping - Scavenging Deluxe - Housekeeping
  • Compact Crafting - Mini Crafting Benches and Power Armor Station - Compact Crafting 1.01
  • Workshop Rearranged Patch Pack
  • USO Generic Menu Override Patch
  • Settlement Menu Manager - Settlement Menu Manager - 0.1.4
  • USO Performance Boost Patch

Here's the link to all of the USO mods on the Bethesda forums, should be listed out clearly enough

Still, there's so many mods involved, I debated whether to upload at all or not. I did just build this for myself. But eh, why the heck not?  Thought i'd share. This build does have enough food producing objects and water and beds to support nearly 10 settlers, but it was mainly made for me to watch my companion walk around playing with interactive objects while I imagined scenes and stories going down.

Something to note, if this is going to be your first experience with this many building mods installed.
- When you try to enter build mode, expect to wait about 15 seconds while the game loads all the crap. It'll look like your game has frozen, but it'll be fine. Having all these mods should open up a ton of modded blueprints for you, in general.

  • - Go ahead and scrap everything first. Except maybe for the skeleton, and the kitchen cabinets up top. And the flower rug next to the door in the starting house. Everything else is replaced by me. Not much to scrap.
  • This was made using the mod Conquest, the name of the Outpost is Tomesky. I believe you'll have to place a Workbench and use the same Outpost name for this to work. If you've already placed an Outpost named Tomesky, you can easily go dissolve that settlement, and then you'll be able to place the Workbench on this island. Right in front of the Welcome to Far Harbor Billboard. (position doesn't have to be exact)
  • Looks like I accidentally placed a Female Half Super Mutant workbench in the workshop upstairs from the starting house, instead of a regular Weapon's Workbench. (entirely accidental, both workbenches look identical) I also forgot to lower the shelf next to the toilet in that room. Apologies.
  • - I created a bridge in order to get to the main land. The Bridge is directly in the path of the Boat that brings you into Far  Harbor. There's a high chance it will knock you out of the boat as you're travelling to and from Far Harbor (unless you're teleporting) This is totally fine, doesn't break anything whatsoever. It's just kinda goofy. If you'd like a more immersive means of getting to and from the tiny island, I suggest the mod [Driveables of the Commonwealth - Boats - 0.95.8] -
  • - I also humbly suggest giving the mod [Playable Super Mutant] a whirl. -
  • - It may say you're missing some mods, but those are completely optional. Probably just like a shelf I forgot to remove or something else very small and unimportant, you won't even know what's missing if you Import this Blueprint without the mods I haven't listed. If there even are any mods I missed.