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This is my first upload of one of my settlements. Since many of my settlements are based on mods that may no longer be available, I will have to redo them, test them, and if I am happy with them, post them. I have created detailed blueprints for every vanilla settlement.

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This is part one of a two part build with 2,666 items.  I broke it up because I did not want to scare away people with a very large blueprint and mod requirements.  Also, I wanted to break this up in case of potato PC users.  There are at least two spawn points in the immediate area so your settlements will be very busy.  It has a very high defensive rating and is surrounded by a large wall. 

Currently, only 16 beds, but the build area is huge!  I plan to add farm animals, guard dogs, a large restaurant and bar with a singer, a stripper pole, and gambling including gambling from Project Mojave and individual housing units fully furnished and cluttered enough but not too much. (I do make some very, very nice restaurant/bars.)

As an aside, once the blueprint is loaded, the main gate will be closed.  The gate is wired using a siren, garage doors and a logic gate.  There are plenty of tutorials on how to do this.  Because I use wireless power (unless the mod requires a wire, then I use invisible wires) you may have to reconnect the Wonder Power transceiver to the generator which is actually attached to the transceiver on top of my custom guard tower.  I exported with idle markers and connections so all should work well.  

Not all the mods listed are required as noted.  I would highly recommend the following mod to anyone who uses blueprints   Transfer Settlements Blueprint Editor   This mod allows you to modify a blueprint json file and eliminate any mod item in the file, a great tool.  You will need this tool to delete the mod JP_Guard Towers and More Vault Rooms, as well as any other mod you do not want (or check out the optional files tab). 

I hope you enjoy the blueprint.  If anything, it will give you a good start, and if you don't want to use a mod listed, use the blueprint editor mentioned in the above paragraph to edit the json file.


Is this lore friendly?  You be the judge of that. Let’s put our thinking caps on shall we?  The area was a dry lake but due to shifting ground plates as a result of the nuclear blasts which have impacted the earth’s rotation, a deep mineral spring was discovered in the area.  As water is quite scarce in the desert, the area was quickly fortified and turned into a trading hub which supplies water to all of the residents of the Mojave.  As trading continued to grow, more traders came to the settlement to provide goods and services and it is now a bustling mini-city.  

I do prefer to build cleaner and more modern settlements as I have been there done that with just vanilla objects.  The protagonist is an expert in pretty much everything, he must have been in the Army core of Engineers or it’s equivalent.  If I can use fusion energy I should be able to make a house that does not look like a 10 year old put it together.

How to install?  Really?  Please check out the instructions on the Transfer Settlement mod page.  This mod does take up slot 18 of blueprints.  Just change the slot number of an existing blueprint so you can easily install this with a mod manager, or do it manually.  

You messed up and this does not work.  Not really a question, but you get my drift.  I have tested this as well as my other blueprints and they work.  Within 5 minutes after activating my settler beacon I had a settler.  I cannot assign him yet (I think this may have something to do with Project Mojave), but it should work.  Pat/universal answer: It must be your load order.  

Can you put up more pictures and/or a video?  Not much more to take a picture of.  The settlement has all the water, food, electricity and defense you can imagine (overkill actually).  Once I complete part 2, I will post more pics. As for a video, never done one and I have no time right now to learn.   

You’re an idiot who does not know what he/she is doing. Again, not a question, but as long as my spouse and children love me, that is all that matters to me.

To my knowledge, JP Guard Towers and More Vault Rooms are currently unavailable.  Check the optional file tab for blueprint options.