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This is a collection of all my usable settlement blueprints. Sanctuary, Red Rocket, Starlight, Coastal cottage, Lighthouse and Spec Isle.

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Have you ever in a rush of perceived

success post/publish/brag about (****) only to realize how many noob mistakes you made? 
most of these I had posted (too) early versions of only to find glaring mistakes, miscounts and at 2 points way overshooting the 5000 item cap .
Covid has given me the time and perspective to savagely overhaul those and come up w a cpl more of equal quality and detail.

Notes on contents; all settlements have both Caravan depots and the Artillery batteries from the Minute men quest. 
On Apple tree 3.0; there are 2 options, esp and esl. I recorded these w the esp so as to access the matts for planting. If you choose the esl you will have to ~help **** 4 for the items to plant them after blueprint launch. The last note & one I believe I said something about in my prior posting of Spec. Isle is sometimes I have had to ~ scrapall 3 times, @ the workbench, @ the fast travel point and on occasion @ the crashed shipping container barge.

I already deleted the orig postings as I am not wanting to kludge the servers w redundant posts. I will be doing a similar style or repost w my presets, but as head shots only and w zeroed sliders in BS and LM