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Starting with "Rebuild The Castle", this build is inspired by real military base design.

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The times of the volunteer militia are gone, with the leadership of the pre-war military veteran General, the minutemen rise to a well equipped, organized and discipline force, with a completely rebuild base from where they command their operations.  

With that in mind, I share my hours of work here for others to enjoy and for future keeping. 
I use a lot of other blueprints, so I ended up using multiple settlement object mods, but a lot of them can be skipped.
I built this around Rebuild The Castle and Castle Tunnel Restoration, so there is no big supply or ammo depot, as it is underground. 


Item count: 890

Utility and realism focus.  
Tactical turret placing, only 6 placed.
Open outside and courtyard spaces.  
Clean line of sight for long range defense.  
Most things are clean, new and organized.   

Pier and Helipad
Command Center
Communications Center
Administration Center
16 bed Barracks + 14 bed outside tents (32 total)
Mess Hall and Bar area
Armory/Weapons shop 
Power armor repair and general crafting stations.


The castle already has very little items, the only one I remember keeping where the water treatment, the power switch, and the radio table, almost everything else was removed.


First you need Transfer Settlements - Shareable Settlement Blueprints to import this settlement, along with the requirements bellow, if you dont want to use any of these, the assets will simply not show up, so you can skip a few, but it wont look like the images.

I use Longer Power Lines at infinite length, not sure if this is needed or not.

Rebuild The Castle - Most items placed in the walls will be floating without this. 
155mm Howitzer M1 - if you dont have this dont talk to me ever again
Sandbag Fortifications - for the vibes

A few requirements, but you can skip some, according with the descriptions.

Homemaker - Important. I used this a lot
Workshop Rearranged - might be required for everything to work, not sure
Vanilla Extensions - Can skip. I have no idea where this was used.
Snappy HouseKit - Optional. Some flooring used.
cVc Dead Wasteland - Option. Structure decor
Vanilla Barn Additions - Optional. Pier and greenhouse parts used, can be replaced.
The Kuro Tab - Optional. Structure decor.
Settlement Objects Expansion Pack - Mainly for blue lights and screens
Thematic and Practical - Can skip. Minor BOS assets.

At least one of these were placed, these are useful mods, but you DONT need them.

Settlement Repair Bot - One placed
We Are The Minutemen - Command Center table
Provisioner Supply Containers - For my convenience, you can skip. 
Abrams-X Turret - To replace those 20 turrets with 1 big ol turret
Vertibird Landing Pads at Fallout 4 Nexus - one placed at back pier
Salvage Beacons - table placed
NorthlandDiggers Resources - Scav stations
Housekeeping - Scavenging Deluxe - Scav stations
The Cat's Meow - Radio - 1 radio placed at bar

Just decor. You can skip most of these, but the place will be less decorated.

Fallout Instrument Pack - One placed, can skip.
CREAtive Clutter at Bethesda.net - minor items, necessary for tents.
Better Armory Mod (BAM) - Some posters used
TTP's Settlement Objects - minor items 
Workshop Decorations Pack - minor items 
West Tek Tactical Optics - for posters
Minutemen Propaganda Posters - for posters
Crimsomrider's Unique Furniture - minor items
Filled Weapon Displays - Armory and other shelves