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Why is Graygarden still intact ? It does have robots to obliterate intruders.
Why is Gray House still intact ? It does have robots to obliterate intruders (and secret door, secret lift, secret panic room, secret bunker !)
Gray would have approved this message if he wasn't dead (or a ghoul, or whatever)

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My own version of a well-preserved Graygarden site. There's nothing to rebuild since robots are protecting the food they harvest but they're also protecting the quite modern house of the no less famous mr. Gray. The settlement workshop capacity has been moderately increased, two and half vanilla's as usualĀ  (746 objects). I don't use anything that messes up with precombines, i build only on vanilla foundations so anyone can download and profit. Gray House is fully functional, it has enough water, food and beds for a single person size colony since Gray didn't care about creating a colony. It has no merchants since robots are already doing the job (and Gray didn't care about money since he was already rich) and enough defense. It does have a lift, a secret entrance, a secret bunker, a secret panic room and a secret door. Tbh it's a damn impressive project. Oh i forgot, it also has a swimming pool !
(Oh my, what have i done...)

Many requirements aren't mandatory, but all mods i'm using are always useful at some point. Mr. Gray doesn't care about if you do get workbenches or not, and if you're stuck somewhere perhaps you don't have Locksmith mod. If not, perhaps you got lost between two secret areas.

Thanks for downloading and feel free to comment if some things are broken or even could be improved.

Light/shader mods i'm using on the screenshots:

Enb PRC (tweaked Hazmat preset), NAC climate overhaul, ELE Fo4 and ultra exterior lightning, Brighter Setllement lights (dim option if i ain't wrong, i never use the bright options) and Brighter Wasteland Workshop Lights.