Fallout 4

About this mod

This is my County Crossing Transfer Settlement Blueprint. Please make sure you have NO mods that alter this settlement in any way.

Permissions and credits
This is my way of improving County Crossing. This settlement has such a large amount of space, so I figured I would utilize  all of that wasted space. I think that this is the best of my mods, at least I hope so. It is definately the one that I put the most, and hardest, work into.

    It took alot of hard work, alot of thought, and it took over a week to complete, and I still might do some updating on this one. My OCD took over with this one. I wanted the ground to be leveled perfectly, I tried to get the Covenant Wall as perfectly aligned as I could. The reason for all of the stairs, etc., around the outside, is because the settlers left in the middle of me putting in the ground and the wall, and when they came back, they acted like they forgot how to walk up some stairs, I just could not get them to go up the stairs and back into the settlement, even removed alot of the wall as I finished up the building. I got so frustrated!! Anyway, I wanted this to be as close to perfect as I could get it. ( I still have limited experience, compared to most of the modders out there). I did my best!
    I really like the mod, "The Cabin in the Woods" look, so I wanted to make this settlement mostly cabin look, but I kinda went 2 oppposite ways, with the cabin look and the "Stone and Marble"  look, LOL, oh well!

    I used "Creative Gardens" to surround the garden plots and make kind of a flower green house, I think it made a gorgeous green house.
    I kind of just wanted to acquire my own kind of THEME for the rest of my mods, since I am getting a little better at this stuff. I hope that you like and download this Mod. It is getting tougher for me these days to make mods, or do anything for that matter,due to having Rheumatoid Arthritis and having to give myself a shot of Chemo for it once a week. Both are really tough to endure, both can be deadly. The Chemo makes me very sick, but I have to just take it one day at a time. I really love making mods and I hope that I never have to stop making them, no matter what kind of mod it is.
I tried to put as many beds in as I could, I believe that there are 22 beds. As always, there are plenty of other resources and defenses. I put in all of the Vendor Shops. The round cabin can serve as the main house of the settlers of County Crossing, or it can be a Player/Companion House. There are some Guest cabins, with kitchens and bathrooms. There is also a Clinic, and the top half is a Hotel.
    Well, I really hope you like it. Thank you for your support!

    WARNING!!!!::  Please make sure that you do not have any mod that does anything with County Crossing. You will either have to clear it all out yourself, or you can use "scrapall" thru the console. Using "scrapall" will remove your workshop workbench. You can NUKE the settlement before importing the settlement. If you use the scrapall command, before doing so, move the workshop workbench (with "move that Workbench" Mod) all the way outside the area of the workshop mode border. even if you DO lose it, you can still go into workshop mode.
    Thanks a bunch!!