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Very compact - Very roomy - Luxurious

Optional Minutemen themed Vault 88 Security Armor!

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- 'Best Vault 88 blueprint I have encountered. Period. It is built in a nice, compact and "lived in" style.
Good work and thank you!'

- 'Very nicely done... I like how you included several unique rooms, such as the pool, hot tub and theater.
You don't really see stuff like that in many other vault blueprints'

Edit 29.09.2018:

It's done!

Update 1.4 'Welcome Home' is my final update to this blueprint!

No, really, it is. I mean I could extend it even more, more and more, but the game tells me to stop.

Total number of over 3600 placed objects, that have to render at one time (like I said, my Vault is built only in main cavern and two smaller tunnels) sadly causes occasional huge framerate drops, and on certain angles, when I'm facing most of them , I get annoying display glitches. It's a pity that this game engine cannot handle big settlements, even on my high-end rig.

This means it's time to stop. My Vault 88 is completed.

Grand Opening Begins!

Following my expierience with Fallout franchise, I'm proudly introducing my view on Vault 88!

(Video comes from 1.0 release version)

Very compact, but very roomy place. I have put the prefabs a considered way, so there is almost no free space between them. As a result, it's located only in Construction Site A, and two small caverns leading to other areas.

It's run by The Minutemen, and traces of their presence are clearly visible.

My Vault has four levels, and there is more than one way to get to most of it's sections:

Level 1:

- Water Treatment: I gave up the orginal big-ass purifier, for it was too far away. Smaller post-war purifiers produce 30 Water, plus 4 points from Water Dispensers

- Two Security Rooms: first (Vanilla), and second, located closer to Atrium. My idea was to create two lines of defence (sort of). Second one has a keypad-lock Detention room.

- Restricted, Overseer-only area, with an elevator leading straight to Overseer's office on level 4

- Atrium

- Robotics/General Trader: Contains a Robot Workbench

- Barber: Contains Barber Chair (obviously)

- Clinic/Surgery: contains Chem station, Photoropter, Surgery Chair, and Doctor Store

- Laundry

- Public Lavatory

- Hydroponics level 1 - four separate rooms - You know, every one can be sealed in case of bug infestation :)

- Two elevators: Three-storey to get to higher levels of the Atrium, and Four-storey in Residential section

- Back Entrance to my Vault, accessible only by Overseer from level four

Level 2:

- Bar: Contains Bar Store

- Cafeteria: Contains Bar Store, and Cooking Station in kitchen

- Armory: Contains Weapon Store, Armor Workbench, Weapons Workbench, Power Armor Station, and Light/Sound effect Shooting Range. Also there are plenty of  mannequins and gun racks

- Gym

- Cinema

- Public Lavatory

- Pool/Showers

- Hydroponics level 2

- Two-storey Elevator leading to Level 3

Level 3:

- Class Room (meh...)

- Gymnasium, with full size Basketball Court, and a Gym.

- Archives: With six terminals

- Two Apartments (Red and Green): Every one has it's own lavatory

- Five Regular Residential rooms: Every one has it's own lavatory

Level 4:

- Security Room - before entering overseer's office everyone has to pass security check. Overseer can observe incomer
through a spy window

- Overseers Office, Quarters, Lavatory... and private Hot Tub(with steam animation):D

- Restricted, Overseer-only area, with a private Elevator to level 1, tunnel leading to Residential Section

- Apartment (Beige): It has it's own lavatory

- Five Regular Residential rooms: Every one has it's own lavatory

My Vault is able to house 32 dwellers, from wich 27 can be assigned to beds in residential rooms.
There are also two beds in Clinic and two in Jail, plus overseer's bed.
1/3 of my total serve as guards anyway, and as we all know they are like machines - they don't reqiure sleep or food :)

There are lot of information signs, I think I thought of everything.

Most of Guard Markers are invisible beyond workshop mode, along with Rest Animation Markers, so i signed them with Red (guard) and Blue (rest) Plates.
Right, well, just remove them once you learn where the markers are.

I think that's all. Unfortunately, framerate loss is inevitiable, and I can't count how many times I over crossed build limit :o
Fell free to rebuild it however you want, though i think there's no need to do that anymore.
On the other hand, from my building expierience, I know THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO REBUILD ;D

Update 1.1 - "THE LUXURY UPDATE"

How silly of me. Of course there was something to rebuild:

- I made the Apartments even more luxurious. All three now have diffrent wall colours. I separated them with inside walls, so now they have some sort of anteroom. I also placed luxury rugs, replaced standard beds, added window to "green"apartment, and added nicely looking curtains.

- Regular residential rooms gained some luxury too, since I replaced the walls, so now on one level there are no rooms with the same wall colour. Also eight of them have windows (looking at hallway) with curtains now, and became less claustrophobic

- Overseers cabins now have luxury rugs on the floors

- In atrium, I placed face sculpture and Minutemen flag on the pillar. I also relocated defense turrets and replaced heavylaser ones with heavymachinegun (they are more subtle for Atrium area)

- I replaced all Exit Zone heavymachinegun turrets with heavylaser ones. Energy for them is delivered by power conduit straight from the reactor room

- Plus some more Minutemen and Vault-Tec propaganda all over the vault

This involves 115 new objects, for even more performance loss, and one more requirement:

Just some Curtains and Rods

Edit 24.03.18:

By courtesy of Ryanc229 I added my Minutemen Themed Security Armor texture edit.


Vault 88 Security Armor

I placed The Minutemen flag on a chest,
'88s' on armguards, and 'SECURITY' on back.
Not a big deal, just an hour or two of editing and 'weathering' in GIMP. But it was worth a while.

Update 1.2 - "TINKER ULAN"
- I added a small Security Room on fourth floor - Now before entering overseer's office everyone has to pass security check. Overseer can observe incomer through a spy window:

- I had to rebuild "Atrium" staircase to fit this security room.

- I added more inside walls to the Apartments, so now they have separate bedrooms. Plus curtains as a doorway decoration:

- I changed the direction of one of stairwells at third Atrium level, so now from this point you can reach technical hallway at second level as well as residential sector at fourth floor
- This led me to create second doorway to technical hallway from second Atrium level

- I also removed all defense turrets except  Entrance Area and
Atrium ones - They are useless,
since there is a working and logical mod that Spawns Enemies Only at Front Door

Plus some more room decorations (more radios for example) and other minor changes

Update 1.3 - "RENOVATIONS"

It's finally out! I checked, and improved almost every room in this beautiful Vault!
I'll post some screens at some point, for there's so little time that I have for simple Fallout gameplay now :o

For now, big ones changelog:

- I remade the entrance tunnel, utility walls are replaced by wide hall walls

- Water treatment section is bigger, and filled with water

- Previous small Jail is from now a full scale room, called Detention, with two separate jail cells

- Pool is more spacious, with higher ceeling and blue lightning

- Hydroponics plants are from now grown on tables, not floor garden plots
Plus fusion generator under the stairs, as an additional power source

- Firing Range has been improved, and is now accessible through a side door

- Bar has switchable lights and remade bar counter

- Fourth floor Cave Airlock got it own Vault Blast Door

Small ones changelog:

- More awesome static room themed furnishings, wall decorations etc.

# Immersion :D

Update 1.4 - "WELCOME HOME!"


- On third level, close to class room, I added Archives room.

- I moved the 'Beige' Apartment from third Atrium level to level four, over the 'Green' Apartment...

- ... to make room for new Gymnasium section, with full size Basketball Court,
and bigger Gym, relocated from level two...

- ... so I could make a Cafeteria Kitchen Pantry, and improve the Kitchen itself.

- I have rebuilt and relocated fourth floor Cave Airlock, so now it leads down to level one,
and is a Back Entrance to my Vault, still accessible only by Overseer

I tried to combine Cinema Section with Videos Of The Wasteland mod,
but it did not work (allignment issues or some sort of that :( )

Maybe I will make optional file for more residential rooms on a request,
But like I said, I really shouldn't :P

Be sure to update:

CREAtive Clutter

Workshop Decorations Pack

More Vault Signs

Gruffydd's Signs and Posters

to their latest versions!

Like the last time, here's some Synthwave:

Stay Retro