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A saved game of a Spectacle Island settlement with a skyscraper in the middle and a tree city on one side and wooden house shacks, market and central generator block. Also has a pool with purified water!

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For the newer version, go here:


This saved game is a work in progress. I will keep updating it on a weekly basis or so until I feel it's finished.
Here's a classic Q and A to get started:

Q: Does this settlement use mods?
A: Yes, it does. Lots of them, and I'll post them eventually.

Q: Does this settlement use DLC's?
A: Yes, it does, and all of them at that.

Q: Did you cheat while making this settlement? I.e. use God mode, no clipping, etc. For some reason this offends me like piracy and I refuse to play a saved game that was cheated on like I refused to answer a question regarding a pirated version of the game, I'm one of those people and I demand to know.
A: Yes I did. I have two batch files with all the stuff I need. I wanted to level up so that was the only cheat I used. After awhile I got bored from my character constantly being overcumbered and walking around
slowly and after the first CTD I lost like a whole two floors worth of work, so I just use God mode now so I can move around quickly and place stuff quickly.

Q: I have noticed that your furniture choice and placement comes together to resemble that of what we expect the house of a mafia boss to look like. Are you with the mafia?
A: No, stop asking. I'm just Southern European so I have a natural tendency to have style and swagger in everything I do. 

Q: Why didn't you make a round building, or get creative with the architecture? 
A: Because with all the settlement mods I have installed it takes me like half a minute just to find different items in my build menu. It took longer making those two floors on the greenhouse
with their curves and sliding doors than it did making 3 floors of concrete. I tried, believe me. I would love
to create a circular building design but it would take too much time and space and I don't have the patience for that. I want this experience to be relaxing, a time at home for myself to relax, not frustrating like a job or a chore or going to prison for the weekends. 

This saved game requires alot of mods. I use LOOT to sort load order then create a bashed patch using Wrye Bash. I was skeptical about LOOT and Wrye Bash too until it was the only way to activate some Skyrim mods, from then on I'm solely using LOOT and Wrye Bash instead of the Nexus Mod Manager.

I will post all those files in time, including my Appdata files and tell you how to put everything together. You will have to go find the mods and install them on your own. Most are easy to install except the weapon mods, and I'm not sure whether or not my save game will work without them or not and I don't want to test it because it might break my game. It might take awhile to get the game to work.
Basically, I was working on building walls and putting turrets around Sanctuary when I realized that Sanctuary Hills is actually a pretty big settlement compared to some other ones in terms of allowable build area.
Then I wanted to ask myself, there's so many settlements, but which one is the biggest? I Google'd it and it turns out Spectacle Island has the biggest settlement. Since it's not finished and a work in progress(WIP) I felt it was too early to add it to the Transfer Settlements category of the forum, and somebody might want to experiment with what I've already created without having to just...transfer the final version, which, honestly, might take at least a few weeks to complete.
I took into consideration CTD"s when building my settlement. So far it seems stable, even with all the mods I have installed. I'm running the game on a HP Omen desktop with an Intel i7-7700 with 3.60 GHZ, 12 GB Ram, and a Nvidia GTX 1060 3 GB graphics card. My previous gaming rig was a custom built rig with the cheapest side parts and a Nvidia GTX 760 with 2 GB, an AMD FX-8350 processor with 8 cores(and I forgot how many GHZ but I think 4.0), and 8 GB ram, and that was 2 years ago it blew up during a Battlefield 4 match. I had CTD's with Fallout 4 previously on that rig going into Sanctuary Hills, and I had two big settlements at Red Rocket Truck Stop with a 4 floor building and a 5-6 floor building at Greygarden connecting into the destroyed highway. Eventually even loading past saved games and erasing all the mods didn't do it for me so I just stopped playing Fallout 4 altogether, and then my computer blew up(power supply), frying all my parts inside anyways. I wasn't even finished paying it off lol.
Anyhow, you're going to need to install all the mods for everything to work since I use custom walls, trees, even a ceiling height mod, a settler mod, and the Place Everywhere mod, alongside other stuff. 
I don't use any ENB's or anything like that since I don't want my computer to blow up again and Fallout 4 vanilla is realistic enough in terms of graphics, and what's the point of making something more realistic if it's an apocalyptic atmosphere anyways? Oblivion with the graphics of Fallout 4 yeah maybe I'll add an ENB but just for Fallout 4? Nah.
So far, *knock on wood*, I've only gotten 2 CTD's while building this settlement and that was 2-3 hours in. I honestly want to test the limits of this settlement. I realize eventually it will CTD either because
my rig can't handle it or the more likely fact that Fallout 4 is hard coded to CTD once there's too much stuff in settlements. I personally don't know why this is even the case. You build such a huge
city like downtown Boston but I put 10 more oil lamps than I'm supposed to and that makes it CTD lol? 
Either way, so far it's stable. Maybe this is because I'm still at the beginning of the game. I will probably add 999 settlers eventually just to fill it. I don't think putting 50 settlers into it will do it justice. And I'm also contemplating expanding the skyscraper upwards because now some of the trees around it are distracting and blocking the view. I still need to power and decorate everything.

So basically, the layout has the following:

1. Shack neighborhood with communal housing around the generator block for low income residents(farmers and whatnot) with a merchant's square(although no merchants or booths present).

2. Single unit tree houses on the opposite side(for merchants and scavengers) - Will be a mix of single, two and three floor shacks, depending on how I've connected the stairs and whatnot. It's already difficult enough
placing walls and floors and roofs and stairs the way I have everything set up, and I don't want the wooden
platforms on each tree to be too big

3. Outer perimeter with seawall and walkway with positions to hide in and various staircases leading to it, including a landing area for boats. Initially I wanted to put turrets on every
single position. And I did. Then I realized either the turret or settlement mods I downloaded screwed up and re-organized my build menu, and the turrets I placed didn't work or had to be filled with ammo. I'm not going to go
around filling every goddamn turret with ammo. I just scrapped all of them and put some in near the landing area.
This is more for role playing purposes than to have any actual use since raiders spawn inside the settlement anyways, and it's not a good idea to have so many turrets...it just adds to breaking the game. It's not like the game has amphibious invasions anyways. The weird placement meant that most of my walkway is hanging in the air, and so I need to put concrete walls which is kind of hard to do because I can't permanently disable water via the console(it keeps coming back after a minute or so) and I can't see what I'm doing. This is so nobody can come diving in underwater, and yet again, not like the game has that but for role playing purposes. I'll probably
end up reducing the number of turrets on the landing area and just placing them inside the settlement, and probably not the traditional turrets but wall and cieling turrets instead(which also use mods).

4. Skyscraper in the middle for high income residents(soldier and administrative functions) with offices, balconies and lofts and decorative joint Minutemen-BOS-Institute HQ.
Point of this settlement: This settlement will most likely be my main settlement, aka HQ of the Minutemen. I realize that Sanctuary takes this by default, but I have a similar layout in Sanctuary with the walkway which I'll probably scrap and replace with a high concrete wall with barbed wire and turn most other settlements into smaller, more efficient settlements. They will be small but they will be nice, so they don't crash my game and I have to go back by like 300 saved games so I can just play for the story(which I planned on as well if my plan backfires). I'll then connect all settlements together via supply lines.
I'll most likely also install that Conquest - Build New Settlements mod as soon as I'm satisified with
the stability of all my current settlements.

UPDATE 2018-02-10:

Roadmap (as of version 0.2):

1. Skyscraper - 50 percent complete - 75 percent of framing complete. Only to add support structures on balconies for added realism and divide interior sections into rooms, as far as framing goes. Need to furnish balconies and interior. For some reason Alternate Settlements stuff doesn't pop up in my build menu, even though I have AS installed, so I probably won't be used them. I'm pretty sure I needed it for the weapon mods for some weird reason. 

2. Tree city - 75 percent complete - Only interior furnishings and balcony furnishings left to do. Balcony railings, staircase pathways and oil lamps complete.

3. Ground level stone pathways with oil lamps - 10 percent complete - A little preview of the oil lamp pathways starts from the pool area. I plan on putting pathways around the bottom of the settlements with nice stone walkways and oil lamps on the sides. Maybe I'll have too many oil lamps at the point and decide to scrap the ones up top, maybe replace them with wall mounted candles or something. I haven't decided on this yet. I want to see how it looks like when I complete the pathways. I thought about putting a stone fence but...that'd be a bit too much at this point. I'm already starting to feel a small FPS drop in the tree city, let alone when I add 100 settlers to populate my settlement. 

4. Shack neighborhood with communal housing - 50 percent complete - I need to add wiring, furniture, doors, and other stuff, in alot of the large shacks around the generator block. I added 3 platforms
for where the shops will be. I'll probably add a bazaar with more shops between the skyscraper and the communal housing, you know, the area with all the power pylons and the tarp connecting from the skyscraper to the communal housing overhead. Right now there's no shops because I'm waiting for my character to level up a few times again so I can get the Cap Collector perk so I can get all the emporiums. 

5. Outer perimeter walkways with concrete seawall - 50 percent complete - The walkways are complete. It's just when I OCD-built them, I started out on the beach, and somehow they continued out straight on the sea, and at parts where there are differences in elevation they just hang in mid air. Which I figured is unrealistic, so I decided to put a concrete wall underneath, like they "have support" or something. Now I'm too lazy to re-do that all over. Not only that but as part of my roleplaying scheme I figured, what if raiders could scuba dive? You know, like when Navy SEALS go underwater to pass through defenses and fortifications. So I figured that's the second reason for the wall. It's gonna be a pain in the butt, because the Toggle water system command is only temporary. Unless I can make a bat file, and I can bind that bat file to a hotkey, then that would make things easier
than just bringing up the console every 20 seconds. 

6. Floor mounted turrets and whatnot - 0 percent complete  - Raiders will spawn inside the settlement and attack it, regardless of all the walls. So in order to not have some settlers die unexpectedly, and since this is a mechanic of Fallout 4 that goes against my roleplaying scheme with the seawall and amphibious invasions by boat and whatnot, I decided to have floor mounted turrets instead of the regular turrets. The problem with the regular turrets is they make that motorcycle noise and having them everywhere would be kind of annoying since that's the only thing you'll hear, and it will kill the tranquility of our tree city.

7. Creepy shrub removal - 10 percent - Tired of seeing all those creepy shrubs around Spectacle Island? Don't worry, I'll get rid of as many as I can. It will help with the gardening work anyways, as I plan on planting some nicer looking plants around the stone pathways. I hate it when you have such a nice looking pathway, nice treehouses, and you're walking on the pathway in the middle of the night some underneath a tree house which is claustrophobic enough smelling the dirt and seeing stuff hang from the wood platform like moss and insects which is creepy enough as it is,, trying to forget about the apocalypse and enjoy the oil lamps and all of a sudden there's some creepy shrubs beside you. Don't you hate that? I know I do. So I'll get rid of them. 

8. Export to Transfer Settlements.

UPDATE 2018-02-26:


1. Skyscraper - 75 percent complete - All framing complete. Need to add doors, decorate the interior with beds, furniture, containers. I did all the wiring before doing the room walls, so now even though there's power running the wires are fused to the wall. I'll need to correct that by adding wall through power connectors and reconnect all the power, which will probably be the most annoying task that I'll leave for last. I'll add wallpaper too now that I have Alternate Settlements working, and some nice flooring, better than the vanilla rugs that's for sure. Still some issues with weird clipping animations and flashing with the flooring though. I'll see if that fixes itself in time. All balconies are complete - railing, couches, tables, potted flowers and wall sconces in place. Added 4 more floors to greenhouse and furnished balconies and added planters. Top floor is main operations room, while floor 10 is main communications room. Furnished 1st floor security room with chairs you can assign to guards, and other goodies, meant to be the access control room to the skyscraper where visitors get clearance and security watches cameras and keeps track of visitor logs on computer screens. It's too late to go back now, otherwise I would've built the skyscraper with walls from Alternate Settlements, this way they can fit the framing for the windows and whatnot. With the vanilla concrete walls it seems a bit out of place. Most of the work remaining aside from the wall conduits is copy-pasting. 

2. Tree city - 90 percent complete. Added beds inside all the tree houses(I think). Need to just add some furniture and decorations on balconies and interiors. 

3.  Ground level stone pathways with lamps - 100 percent complete. The ground is too uneven at some points, and the creepy grass sticking out of the ground that I can't pluck out doesn't help with removing them either. I thought it would be better to let nature be the way it is instead of using Spring Cleaning to make a flat ground free of any rocks and pebbles and whatnot. Still need to add some stairs connecting some of the stone pathways though. 

4.  Shack neighborhood with communal housing - 75 percent complete - added hospital, fire department and school and furnished them. Still need to add doors and connect wires and furnish everything. Covered the whole block with red tarp, including the generator block. Added a bunch of shops and bright street lamps in the market area. 

5. Outer perimeter walkway with seawall - 100 percent complete - I figured, since you probably won't swim to Spectacle Island from the sea side, there's no point in covering up the legs of the walkways from the outside, just the inside. Plus it's so close to the edges of the buildable zone that I can't add them without going out of workshop mode all the time. Unless I either test expanded settlements, or decide to do it anyways, I probably will leave it as is.

6. Floor mounted turrets and whatnot - 75 percent complete - Most of the perimeter has floor mounted turrets, and some of the interior of the shack city and the communal shack housing area. Still need to add them in the skyscraper.

7. Creepy shrub removal - 50 percent complete - there's still a bunch of creepy shrubs sticking out like a screeching nightmare in certain places, but I'll leave that for the last job or just get rid of them along the way until I'm satisfied.

8. Export to transfer settlements - This will probably be the last thing I do, because I need to complete the settlement in order to export it, and I need to install the software and test to see if that works. 

9. Need to update mod requirements for this file. Bear with me, like the title says, it's a WIP unfinished release if anybody wants to fiddle around with the early stages of my settlement. Think of it more along the lines of open source instead of an incomplete mess.

10. Need to assign settlers to positions. I'll do this periodically just to test stuff, see what works and what doesn't. It will be kind of pointless having all those planters if settlers can't work on them. They tend to just stand around for days on end in the same spot until you tell them to do something, which is kind of creepy. I'd rather my settlement be empty than settlers standing and staring quietly at you like children of the corn. This will probably be the most time consuming task because I'll have to babysit some settlers that I can't assign automatically via the main settlement management computer at the hospital. I just literally spent like 5 minutes point a guy to sit on a chair in the security room, there are no doors, yet he kept walking into the wall beside the open door space. And even then when I got him to the check he would just stand there and stare at me, mocking me. I finally got him to sit down once I moved the chair like 3 feet further away from the table. I swear it's like telling your cat to eat something on the floor, you keep pointing it out but it will look everywhere expect that spot in front of it. This will probably be the most time consuming task of all. Worst of all the settler is not the one I'm planning to put there, I just picked him out of the bunch standing creepily in a line near the shops for testing purposes.

Q and A for unreleased version: 

Q: So, you really went ape shit with the ferns.
A: Yes, yes I did. I like ferns. I think they're classy. I wouldn't have sex beside on though. 

Easter Egg Q & A:

Q: Wow, your settlement is probably the best in Fallout 4 so far yet. I don't think anybody is going to come close for a long time.
A: Now now, what's considered the best is up to personal taste. But thank you, I'm humbled.

Q: Will you be building more settlements in the future, in other places?
A: Yes! God willing, now that I have more resources because of new mods I installed, I have have been consumed by a plethora of orgasmic OCD induced blast of inspiration. Even though Fallout 4 is probably one of the best games made to date, I'm really not much into the post apocalyptic stuff because I come from a third world country and live in Canada, so I've seen enough suffering and see enough misery on a daily basis right now to be into it. I prefer Oblivion style environments, blissful music, intellectual conversations, refined individuals, beautiful environments, all that, and in the next Elder Scrolls, hopefully they have a settlement system like Fallout 4 except much more expansive, and with all the content mods that will be released, I'll do stuff you can't even imagine. There will probably be a competition someday for best settlement, and I'll win the million dollar prize.  It's too late for me to learn how to paint now but if I could paint, my brush is my mouse and keyboard and the canvas is the settlement system they would add. 

Q: Do you have OCD? You really...overdid it.
A: I was diagnosed with it in grade 8, alongside some other made up diseases to help fuel the pharmaceutical industry, and their therapies, including the meds, only did me more harm than good and am planning on suing the people responsible for making my parents take it through threats and intimidation for hundreds of millions of dollars some day. I don't care about still being perfect, although I wouldn't mind. I just have alot of creative energy that I channel through various means. I don't wash my hands 19 times a day, or obsess and break down hysterically over a shit stain on my tuxedo.

Q: This settlement is not lore friendly. Some parts of it look too nice to be part of the Fallout 4 art design/direction/concept/idea/generally accepted yet unwritten and unmentioned psychic flow of thought patterns that everybody is somehow magically supposed to know, like a dog learning how to take a dump outside just by you screaming at it and wagging your finger, without using any other stimuli to give it hints as to what might you want it to do, except without the screaming and without the wagging of the finger.
A: The Institute isn't really a junky place either, yet it exists and is part of the lore. Also, as an eccentric person, in between being accused of being everything you can possibly imagine, both positive and negative, being involved in everything from cinematic and epic moments and paranormal and spiritually uplifting shit, to scandals, and some very dark people, and very dark places, having seen and done some very dark things on the extreme end of the spectrum, and will probably carry that knowledge with me to the grave, yet I will die fulfilled and without sorrow, torment or regrets, my soul at it's level of maturity, cannot force my brain, or my heart, to express, how much I do not care about this being lore friendly. I'm not arrogant and these words will not make you not download this file even though at this point in reading you consider yourself a morally superior person that has alot more professionality when it comes to modding and presenting his or her mods on this website  and you ought to lecture me about decorum but will not waste your breath because you are bigger than me - it's quite the opposite - it is just the extent to what I feel in my heart is right to say, because it is the truth. Otherwise I'm very good at bullshitting, too, but I'm not a professional asshole either. The very fact that these thoughts pass through your mind as you read this to me is the hilarious part. If they didn't, I'm happy because we're on the same boat. I also can't fix any of your problems with the mod. I realize that there are alot of things missing, like putting every single mod in the requirements list...that's why I publish my plugins.txt file instead, and some more advanced modders, that don't need an all in one installer to make mods off this site work, will figure it out, and it will be no hassle for them to do so. If it's a hassle, then don't be modding or attempting to mod your game. The complexity of modding alone is one reason why I will never get into programming, even if Harvard University gave me a free scholarship and a guaranteed job of $1 million a year after I graduate. And comparing modding Fallout 4 to programming will make programmers chuckle.

UPDATE March 11 2018:

The settlement is complete, but not populated yet. I will release an unpopulated version, as is, and a populated version. I'm also working on a much bigger project that makes Spectacle Island look puny in comparison. I plan to use the Conquest mod, alongside spawning in my own workshops, to build up and bridge the gaps, which will have a minimal amount of objects in them(just a path to both the ground and between the broken parts of the bridge). I will also release a map where I plan on putting the fillings. I've surveyed the whole highway system, north to south, east to west, the skybridge, and I've marked the areas where I'll be filling the gaps.

I also plan on building up every settlement and releasing a save file as a compilation of everything I have. As in my game Spectacle Island is the main settlement, I've created a backstory that will kind of make everything make sense. All other settlements will be specific or unique in their own ways, instead of just generalist in nature. This is so you can associate a specific settlement with what you need. This will be a surprise. For a sneak peak, I'll just say that Murkwater Construction Site is complete and is a prison settlement. 

Hopefully I'll get something done within the next 2 weeks or so. 

The backstory is for all the players of this game who would like to work with all sides to make the Wasteland a better place instead of just having to pick the Institute, the Brotherhood of Steel or the Minutemen. I also try and connect the dots based on the lore we have so far. It's not a quest mod so the only thing you have that makes the story a reality is the story itself as an roleplaying concept and your imagination.

Unfortunately I also can't get Transfer Settlements to work with this mod so you're all stuck with just my saved game, which I realize will probably interfere and break the continuation that you've achieved thus far.  This is why I'll try and complete my settlement plans before proceeding with the story or doing more missions. I've spent a couple hours getting Transfer Settlements to work but to no avail, it keeps crashing my game once I start it. I got the up to date version of everything, but for some reason it's not working. Maybe some mod conflicts with it? Who knows. I've given up trying to get it to work.


I'm back, bishes!

So, I've been really busy with work but here's what's happening with this project - there was a few things I wanted to add to each settlement but figured some people might not like these extras and I'm even busier than before so I won't be able to complete everything 100 percent like I want to. I've added craptons of lore(dozens of pages worth I wrote myself when I was unemployed and playing the game every day) and there's so much I want to add but unfortunately will never have the time, energy or motivation to do so. My idea was to release my entire roleplaying scheme before Fallout 76's release date to take advantage of the hype. Unfortunately I was busy and we are way past that, and additionally with the announcement for TES 6 it means I no longer have an opportunity to seize in terms of advertising my Youtube channel through this work of art. Hey, at least I'm being honest. I will consider this advertising trick to be creative commons, any advertisers are free to use this example in any textbook you might publish in the future so future advertising gurus will learn how to seize proper timing and whatnot, since they will know that makedonija77 used this trick.

But enough blabbering on about that. I'm going to release the Transfer Settlements version of this file as complete as it can be, together with my roleplaying scheme as an optional file(it's recommended you read through it all so you understand why I built each settlement the way it is, and I promise it's somewhat canonical like when fan fiction is so good it gets published as an official comic or book or something even though it was never written by any Bethesda employee). 

So I'm going to pull a Bethesda and release the mostly finished but completely unfinished non bug free version of all my settlements one by one(I was planning on releasing them all in one, but I have no time to put all of them together and have yet to still create Transfer Settlements file for most of them). Any settlement that does not have lore, I'll add lore to the description of the file when I post the settlement, so I can explain what each building is for and whatnot. I'll also add a video tour of each settlement on my Youtube channel Astibus Gaming and post it for each relevant settlement,
in addition to screenshots.

I'm going to start off with the finished version of this settlement, which includes:

- Beds in each tree house, but couldn't put much else, I'll leave that to you ladies and gents
- Completely finished skyscraper with 4 floors of greenhouse, 1 floor with a command center, 1 public sex dungeon floor, several floors of luxury residential suites(fully furnished), 1st floor security area and 2nd floor of a restaurant/lounge area that extends onto the patio.
- Marketplace with several types of vendors
- Stone pathway around the tree city with romantic oil lamps for ambiance
- Benches on the tree city platforms that connect the entire tree city
- A school, police and fire department, and the Spectacle Island Regulation Authority(SIRA) building which is a high tech government office building
wirelessly connected to all other settlements in the Commonwealth(not functionally, of course) and serves as a sort of...do it all government building
encompassing all your government departments and ministries for those settlements that do not have some sort of local government for each
function of government, et al
- Customs checkpoint for watercraft arrivals and ferry terminal(also not functional, unless you use some ship building mods)

Stay tuned for:

1. Spectacle Island Joint Operations Center And Reproduction Facility(JORF)
2. Murkwater Construction Site Correctional Facility
3. Greygarden Farm and Greenhouse
4. Warwick Homestead Razorgrain Farm
5. Starlight Drive-In Megafactory
6. Sanctuary Hills Flea Market 
7. The Castle Minutemen Training Facility
8. Sunshine Tidings Co-Op Drug Production Facility 
9. Erget Tours Marina Container City Hotel And Resort
10. Abernathy Cannabis Farm & Weed Lounge 
11. Oberland Station Hospital, Radiation Research And Medical Command(HRAM) 
12. Somerville Place Rooftop Patios & Solarium
13. Jamaica Plain Incursion Camp 
14. Hangman's Alley Organ Harvesting & Water Purification Plant 
15. The Slog Tarberry Farm, Spec Ops Garrison & Regional Intelligence HQ (Intspec
15. Nordhagen Beach Spa & Brothel 
16. Finch Farm Special Forces Forward Outpost & Synth Fabrication Plant
17. Red Rocket Truck Stop Supply Depot 
18. Country Crossing Immigration, Interview and Pre-screening Center (IIC) 
19. Covenant Religious Sanctuary & Orphanage
20. Coastal Cottage UniCoT-Primsec(University, Collage, Tradescraft & Primary and Secondary Education) Educational Complex 
21. Croup Manor Spec Ops Training Facility
22. Taffington Boathouse Naval & Aircraft Repair Facility 
23. Kingsport Lighthouse Naval Yard & Air Base 
24. Greentop Nursery Incubation & Early Childhood Development Research and Monitoring Center(Greentop Nursery IED-RMC) 
25. Tenpines Bluff Sniper, Scout & Artillery Exercise Grounds 
26. Outpost Zimonja Department of Firefighting, Chemical Spill and Radiation Cleanup (DFCR)

As far as Bunker Hill and Boston Airport go, I've yet to get to that part of the storyline and I will make settlements for them and already have the ideas for what they're going to be. Out of the total maybe 150 hours I've spent in the game
on this run alone I've spent probably 95 percent of them building settlements. 

Additionally, I was going to build 10 settlements through the Conquest Mod and connect the entire highway network with workshops spawned into the game, but my game is buggy enough as it is so...

These settlements are heavily mod intensive. A lot of mods are required to make all of them work, and many of the mods required are a major pain in the ass to install and get working together. Some of these are not just decorative settlements in their capacity ie the drug facility is not just made to look like a drug facility. I actually downloaded a bunch of drug mods so we can produce heroin and cocaine and whatnot in the game. I'm not kidding.

Same with the weed farm, it's actual weed plants.