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Utopia - A large functional open concept loft estate.


Description: A carefully crafted and decorated Loft estate in the Northern hills of the Commonwealth. It is nestled nicely into the hills by a beautiful river and no neighbors in sight. Every room has purpose and functionality.

Reason: In my play-through, I am currently general of the minute men, a high ranking knight of the brotherhood, the railroads most deadly operative, Leader of the institute and I cant help but wonder why I am still living in dusty shacks that resemble meth dens. There is no way someone that successful in the fallout world would not have the means and resources to build his/her own Utopia.

Location: It is at the Northern part of the map in the dead center. You can actually take the HWY right to it. See Below - It should have a map marker

Video Tour:

Listing Add: A beautiful fully furnished modern 4 bedroom, 4 Bath with office, den and workshop. Comes complete with a half indoor, half outdoor heated infinity pool with side viewing room. Sky hot-tub, mini Vault, Sandia National Laboratories (clean room), full General Atomics International 7 appliance set up, West Tek Security system, Vault-Tec Corporation water filtration and pool system. RobCo Industries mini fusion self sustaining power reactors. Poseidon Energy heating and cooling systems and much more. Download and endorse to book a viewing Today!

Install: This settlement is in the transfer settlements spot 8. Go to the area provided and load blueprint 08 with the Transfer Settlements mod.


Transfer Settlements:
Optional but recommended = Beyond the Borders:

This one requires a bunch of other mods clearly, I tried to make it as easy as possible to download and install them.
All these mods are compatible with each other and are easy to install manually or with NMM.
Most the people who love custom safe houses will have most of these mods already. 

"Conquest.esp" ----------------------------------------------
"MasterworkArchitectureProject.esp" ------------------
"SettleObjExpandPack.esp" -------------------------------
"CREAtiveClutter.esp" -------------------------------------
"Snappy_HouseK.esp" --------------------------------------
"Snappy_DecoKit.esp" -------------------------------------
"functionalobjects_vanilla.esp" -------------------------
"AES_Renovated Furniture.esp" -------------------------
"AWARHERO Japanese Decor Pack.esp" -----------------
"AWARHERO_Decor_Pack.esp" ----------------------------
"SSEX.esp" ---------------------------------------------------
"Homemaker.esm" ------------------------------------------
"exotic_lights.esp" -----------------------------------------
"More Pre-War Assets.esp" --------------------------------
"Eli_Crafting Shiz 9000.esp" ------------------------------
"Evan_Crafting Goodies.esp" -----------------------------
"XnjguyFilledMods_AIO.esp" ------------------------------
"ArmorKeywords.esm" ------------------------------------- 
"OCDecorator.esp" ------------------------------------------
"DD_AIO Test Mark 1.esp" ----------------------------------
"ArcadeMachine.esp" ---------------------------------------
"AkaWaterWorld.esp" --------------------------------------
"dinomore.esp" ----------------------------------------------
"Housekeeping.esp" -----------------------------------------
"OCDecoratorDLC.esp" --------------------------------------

Big Thanks to all the above mods and Authors.

Please endorse if you enjoyed it!