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The Cube is a unique modernist home located in the forest northwest of Sanctuary Hills.

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The Cube is a unique modernist home located in the forest northwest of Sanctuary Hills. The cube-shaped building is clad entirely in mirrored glass and illuminated at night to provide privacy for its inhabitants. The interior is dominated by visible concrete, wood, glass and living walls. The staircase on the south connects the alternating eastern and western semi-levels. The gap in the center provides a view all the way from the open living room at the top to the entrance hall at the bottom. The living room is split into a dining area and kitchen on the highest semi-level and the living area below, separated by a central fireplace. The entrance hall contains crafting stations, storage space and a swimming pool, accessible from the level above, which it shares with an office / workspace area. The middle levels of the building contain the two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Required DLCs:
  • DLC: Wasteland Workshop
  • DLC: Vault-Tec Workshop

Required mods:

Additional environment mods used in the screenshots (not required):

  • Install the blueprint with a mod manager or manually.
  • The settlement lies outside of the regular border of the Commonwealth worldspace. Make sure you have this setting in your fallout4.ini to allow you to travel there:
  • Travel to Vault 111 (closest marked location).
  • Paste this line into the console to get to the right location:
    player.setpos x -105095; player.setpos y 96803; player.setpos z 7800; player.setangle z 222
  • Use Conquest to build Dunn Outpost at this location (see below for using a different settlement name).
  • Import the blueprint with Transfer Settlements. Make sure "Import or nuke marker-based items" is selected. If you get a "wrong worldspace" error, follow the instructions below for using a different settlement name.
  • The floor lamps in the bedrooms may not be powered. This can be fixed by temporarily picking them up in workshop mode. In case of other electrical problems (which I did not encounter when testing the blueprint) you can try disconnecting and reconnecting the generator (located behind the door in the pantry).
  • Light objects may appear far too bright initially after importing the blueprint. Reloading the game should fix it.

Using a different settlement / in case of "wrong worldspace" errors:
  • After creating the new settlement at the right location with Conquest, build some object in it (because exports can't be empty), export it with Transfer Settlements and exit Fallout 4.
  • Open the blueprint JSON file from this mod in a text editor and look for the "workshop" section at the very end.
  • Replace it with the "workshop" section from your exported settlement. Now you should be able to import the modified blueprint.

Building in a different location with Clipboard Resurrection:

You can build the house at any location (including an existing settlement, in which case you don't need Conquest) with Clipboard Resurrection, but you need to make sure that it has the same z rotation (i.e. faces in the same compass direction). I am using objects with non-zero x and y rotations which cannot be pasted in the correct orientation when the z rotation does not match. In order to get the rotation right, place the clipboard, open the console, click on the clipboard and run
setangle z 180.001904
before pasting the pattern.