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A Serpentine keep combing Sanctuary and Red Rocket into one continuous Keep w/ implied Fast defense/assault implied w/ static items

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additional info in the sticky in Posts section

*post edit* a mod I forget to mention here is Misriah Armory 
the only reason it might be needed is the bp_ does have crafting tables from it in The Sanctuary local. Sorry, but another mod needed if you want the dungeon to look/work right is Torture devices from LL.

Since launching my Halloween Castle for Spec Isle, I have been working on this;
This is a continuous keep spanning from the center of Sanctuary to the lead up road for the Red Rocket location. 
Unlike most of the castles and keeps I've done before, I started meshing in more lore friendly aspects.That being said, the required mod list is extensive. I do apologize for this but it is what it took to build it. It also took some other mods that I will mention here shortly that are not required but as useful and fun as they were in allowing me to make this, I highly recomend you look em up, DL and endorse.
Those "other mods" are as follows; 

Settlement expansion all in one V6.1

SWG - Snappable Windmill Generators (Wind Farms)
even though there are elements in both settlements from this I am not listing it as req.ed but highly recommended option...and a lot of fun too

The Wild Wasteland at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community

this was in my LO upon recording the BP_ but obv not required 
True Grass

there is only one application of this mod in both locations so, 

Gruffydd's Signs and Posters

and last but def not least, f4se...because.