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About this mod

A pre-war outpost. Or a time capsule? A quite extensive rebuild of a pre-war styled Sanctuary settlement.

Permissions and credits
Please do make sure you know how to use Transfer Setllements. Read the instructions on the mod page very carefully.

What you get:
A pre-war outpost in a post-war world. A time capsule?

14 houses. 11 are fully furnished and somewhat decorated and cluttered. 2 are empty.
The player house is sparsely furnished and decorated. But with plenty of storage space and crafting facilities.

Most of the houses are – fusion- powered. But I haven’t added much in the way of lightning, except for street lights.

Six Tier-2 vendors in the village. And one Tier-1 down by the river (optional).
You must assign settlers to the vendor-rugs/mats behind the counters. The counters are only props/decorations.

I have not done any -decorative- gardening at all. But there are Tatos, melons and razorgrass for you to harvest. And also an optional fish farm.

I have not added any invisible markers anywhere. But what with vendors, food and several guard posts, there ought to be enough work for your settlers.

This is an extensive build using a lot of mods. 22 Essential- and 10 optional. I’ve added a few comments to some of them, hopefully giving you an idea of whether you need it or not.

How to do it:
Download and activate using a mod manager – or manually if you like.
If you do the manual approach, unpack the file and drop it in your data folder.
The blueprint takes up slot no.25. But you can easily change that to whatever you like if you install manually.
Load the blueprint as pr. “Transfer Settlements” instructions.

Core files:
Sanctuary Lite
Transfer settlements
HZS Easy Homebuilder and Working Double Beds

Essential files:
Build your own poolFor water in the pond
Clean Shacks The “Compatibility” version
CvC Dead Wasteland 6
Crimsomrider's Unique Furniture
CWSS ReduxV3. Craftable showers etc
Dinos Decorations
Crafting fury 9000GTX
Femsheppings Minimalist Homewares
Homemaker-Expanded settlements
The KURO Tab
LivingInterior Some random clutter
The Cozy Scavver
Northland DiggersThe Wasteland chef
Sandbag Fortifications - Version 2C
Settlement Menu Manager
Settlement Object Expansion Pack
V's Stylish Decor2.
Workshop Decorations Pack

Optional files:
FilledBrahminFeedTroughs  2 brahmin troughs
Friffy’s Fixed Curtains   2 curtains
G2M Workshop      Fish farm, 2 pier stairs and boat
Joe’s cash register replacer Purely cosmetic
Mailbox  Just for some added flavor
Mannequin retexture    Purely cosmetic
More Pre-War Assets   Pre war recruitment beacon
ShootingTarget     A couple of targets
Nuka World Shopper’s Paradise  A table
XnjguyFilledMods AIO A little random clutter