Fallout 4

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Immersive Abernathy Farm Settlement Blueprint with hardly any scrapping - I tried to do it better than in the original artwork

Permissions and credits
I asked myself: What would Abernathy Farm look like a year or two after the Lone Wanderer comes in with all the resources needed to scale up the whole endeavor?

Probably Blake would have continued building up the electrical tower. (And his carpentry work would hopefully improve over time.) There would be a proper stable for Clarabell, more beds, shops for travelers and an Inn to sell locally produced food. Guards would take position on balconies to oversee the area and the space would be ideal for wind turbines.
Like every settlement I build, it is never considered "finished". But this one is good enough to share it.
  • Fit for 30 settlers, plenty of workstations
  • Immersive decoration – I even added a lot of additional vines and debris so that the new areas do not look out of place
  • Ground floor restaurant/bar with an open fireplace (working chimney that produces smoke)
  • Back entrance to the upper floor
  • Tower room on the upmost floor
  • Generator room in basis of the lower wind turbine
  • Sales platform in front of the main entrance with level 3 mechants (weapons, general, armor and clothes)
  • Dog house on the left of the sales platform
  • All necessary workbenches (no power armor station as I do not use PA at all, but just put one in wherever you like)
  • The rad cleaning shower (on the outside next to the silos) can come in handy - especially at the start of a game
I am using as many mods as I can find for variety of objects, so this blueprint uses a lot. However some mods are just for minor things you will not need in your game.
So I took the time to write for each mod what it is used for particularly in this settlement in the >requirements< section.
--> you can ignore most of the mods and still get a good result.
Use Transfer Settlements Blueprint Manager to check out which objects are by which mod exactly if you like.
I used slot 49 - so move it to another folder if you already use this slot.
What to scrap: Only the furniture on the ground floor (chairs, mattresses, tables, shelves and everything on them, crates and boxes, the fridge, the floor lamp, the pictures leaning against a wall, the toilet and the bathtub) and the pot with candles on it on the left when you come in. (Do not scrap the barrels standing around in a few corners. Do not scrap any structural components. Don't scrap anything outside or on the upper floor. Looks best if you also do not scrap any vines, debris or decals.)
When I import it on my machine sometimes it doesn’t snap all the power connections – no idea why
Have fun!
I would be very happy to see some pictures from your game if you can use my blueprint and extend it for yourself.

In case you want a little bit less: here are some other great immersive Abernathy Farm blueprints that inspired me:
Big shout out to these authors!

Because one of my friends asked me about it: What to do when you are in the middle of a game and want to try out a new blueprint that depends on stuff you already scrapped?
Here is what I did in that case (nowadays I don't really scrap anymore, so just nuking the settlement without the original items is enough for me):
  1. I either loaded a savegame at the start of my journey before visiting this settlement or I started a new game completely. (Use Start Me Up - Alternate Start and Dialogue Overhaul to get around the annoying Sanctuary and Vault sequences.)
  2. Switch off AI (console command "TAI") so that nobody attacks you (you can also go into god mode - but I never tried that and switching off the AI also makes exports and imports faster)
  3. Then I used Cheat Terminal to switch on all map markers and simply teleport to the settlement. (If you google it you can also use a console command for that.)
  4. Take possession of the settlement - i did it again with Cheat Terminal (I do not know if this step is necessary, never tried it without)
  5. Then I added the Transfer Settlements holotape to my inventory (via console "help transfer 0", then "additem " and the item id or use IN-GAME ESP Explorer, press F11, press the reload button and type "transfer" to search for the holotape in all mods and add it to your inventory in a nice barter menu)
  6. Export the settlement including the original items and marker items
  7. Go back to the savegame where you want to start anew in a settlement
  8. Nuke the settlement with the Transfer Settlements holotape including original items and marker items
  9. Import your "vanilla" blueprint including original items and marker items
--> Voilà! Here is your new start in a settlement in the middle of a game. (How long the export, nuking and import takes depends very much on the settlement size and your machine. But the rest only takes a few minutes.)

And hey, you got nothing to lose! If you just want to try out a blueprint but you are not sure whether you will want to step back to what you have right now in case you do not like the blueprint after importing it, you can always load the savegame you already have (or just make another export of it before nuking it).