Fallout 4

About this mod

A small Raider Outpost in Sanctuary Hills.
Works as a normal settlement, too.

Permissions and credits
Raider Sanctuary

for CDante’s Transfer Settlements.

This blueprint adds a small Raider/Wastelander themed outpost to the ruins of Sanctuary Hills. It has a handful of small houses, a Red Rocket workshop and some shops. It is very detailed, atmospheric and lore friendly.
I only built in a small part of the settlement, so you have a lot of room to expand or possibly combine this with other Sanctuary blueprints.

Import with marker-based items and wired power connections.

13 beds
ample food and water
some vendor stalls
walls, guard posts and a basic turret defence
crafting workbenches including Robot Workbench

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CDante for Transfer Settlements – this would not have been possible without his work. Thank you!
TheLich for Place Everywhere – couldn’t and wouldn’t build anything without this.
The authors of every single mod listed in the requirements for their great additions to Fallout 4 settlement building.
DieFeM for Transfer Settlements Blueprint Manager.
All screenshots are made with Decent ENB