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Patches to move crafting stations to the crafting menus in Organized Workbench Menu. Includes Compact Crafting, Settlement Object Expansion, Craftable Institute Stations, Creative Clutter, Eli's Armour Compendium, Eli's Crafting Fury, Eli's Coffee Mod, Easy Homebuilder, Videos of the Wasteland, Simplified Crafting Workbenches, Automatron Rebooted

Permissions and credits
This mod is a library of patches that move the crafting stations added by various mods to a single crafting menu using Organized Workbench Menu by Pra.  I find this helpful to remove menu clutter and find crafting stations faster.  

All files are ESP flagged as ESL to keep down your mod calories. 

I live purely on a diet of social recognition, so please remember to endorse!

Patches for mods currently include:
Eli's Armour Compendium by Elianora
Crafting Fury 9000 GTX - Buildable armour stands - Decorations - Furniture by Elianora
Immersive Coffee Mod 9000 GTX French Roast by Elianora
Settlement Objects Expansion Pack by CCMADS
AS Craftable Institute Stations by Doobot
Compact Crafting - Mini Crafting Benches and Power Armor Station by Fading Signal
Easy Homebuilder and Working Double Beds by Hozsa
Creative Clutter by CrayonKit
Simplified Crafting Workbenches by 1NGR
Videos of the Wasteland by dertspovor06
Automatron Rebooted by Gerren0

The patches were created using Pra's Fo4Edit Scripts - Automatic Patch Generation and a few self-made patches.