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A fully working Red Rocket Settlement build fully decorated at the Red Rocket Truck Stop just outside Sanctuary

Permissions and credits
A fully working Red Rocket Settlement build fully decoratedat the Red Rocket Truck Stop just outside Sanctuary by Alhoon GamingTo prepare the area for the mod DO NOT use the “Scarp All”command as this will also get rid of the Red Rocket itself, instead you will
have to manually scrap everything in and around the settlement.

This settlement comes complete with
FOOD – 30
WATER – 50
POWER – 20
BEDS – 32 

Mods required for the build are as follows - I have tried to the best of my ability separate the mods into construction and decoration mods.

Add-ons required
Wasteland Workshop
Far Harbor
Contraptions Workshop
Vault-Tec Workshop Mods Required
Creation Club
Creation Club Mid Century
Creation Club Nuka Cola Workshop
Creation Club Bastion 


Snap ‘n’ Build -
Homemaker -
Kuro -
Stairs Ladders and Ramps -
Master plan -
Sandbag Fortifications -
Sandbag Fortifications Menu Replacer - ttps://
Workshop Rearranged -
Snappy House Kit -
Snappy House Kit DLC -
cVc Dead Wasteland -
Woodys Wastlend Stuff - 


Unlocked Settlement Objects -
Unlocked Settlement Objects Menu Patch -
Armor Keywords -
CWSS Redux - No longer available on Nexus
Dinoshelf -
Evan-Modular kitchen -
Buildable Burning Campfires -
Crimsomrider’s Unique Furniture -
FAC Paintings -
Generator Fusebox -
MGP Guard Rug – D6 – No Longer Available On Nexus
Realistic Bar Items -
Snapping Clothes Rack -
Settlement Object Expansion Pack -
Snap Beds -
Thematic And Practical -
V’s Stylish Decor – No longer available on Nexus
Workshop Decorations Pack -
Xnjguy Filled Mods -
Dinomore -
Mojave Imports -
Functional Objects -
hzy-newfurniture -
Auto Doors -
Invisible Marker Pack  -
Elvenblossom Items -
Deployable Turrets Pack -
Grounded WR -
Cartman’s Warehouse -
OCD Decorator -
Salvage Beacon -
Creative Clutter -
Workshop Junk Wall Pack -