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Sanctuary Hills built up, with a little animation and western insertion :)

Permissions and credits
If the mod does not show in the holotape then try manually installing it into(Disc drive you installed Steam into):\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\TransferSettlements\blueprints 

Steps before transferring the Settlement:
1. Download the mods
2. After you left the from Vault 111 go to Codsworth and speak with him
3.Before you can build you must scrap all the houses exept the house funds
(Do not use scrappall command, because it will create a catastrofic bug, which will couse the game to crash. For better advice and  a stabile game use theScrap Zapper mod)
4. Now you can use the transfer settlements to build your own Starting City 

This mod is inspired by Animation Mod and Wild Wild West mod. Have fun.

Required DLC:

Wasteland Workshop
Far Harbor
Contraptions Workshop
Vault-Tec Workshop

Required Mod:
Snap'n Build,
Advanced settlement turret set,
155mm Howitzer,
Renovated Furniture,
Farming resources,
Buildable Barricades and Guard Post,
Modular Kitchen,
Northland Diggers,
Gruffydds Signs And Posters,
HZS Office and Stores,
Settlement Object Expand Pack,
Snap Beds,
Vendor Registers,
Woodys Wasteland Stuff,
CREAtive Gardens,
Esmeralda Colourful Rugs Set,
Friffy Fixed Curtains,
Wild Plans farming,
HZY-furniture and decoration,
Kraggles - Structures,
Cabin InThe Woods,
CWSS Redux,
Castle In The Sky,
Craftable Far Harbor Tent,
Nuka World Shopper's Paradise.

Not neccessary mod:

Build High
Sanctuary Bridge
AnimeRace Nanakochan 
Wild Wild West W.I.P.

 Thank you for downloading and evaluating, write if you have any problems. Thanks!That you can furnish the houses according to your own style ;)