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Oberland has been turned into a raider outpost, and an actual train station.

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My own version of an actual train station, one of the few settlements i finished before my GPU died. Oberland is now a raider outpost, protected by what remains of a quite old station. The settlement workshop capacity has been moderately increased, as usual two and half vanilla's (665 objects). I don't use anything that messes up with precombines, i build only on vanilla foundations so anyone can download and profit. The Pain train station is fully functional, it has water, food, beds and merchants to shelter two dozens people.

Many requirements aren't mandatory, just install all that add actual structures or lots of clutter. Everything else is optional at worse (workbenches, bots, turrets or things one can easily replace anyway). Locksmith mod isn't mandatory at all but i use it to lock doors and containers, it can be really helpful to help defending or just preventing your containers from being robbed by utterly dumb settlers (or even companions). I have no idea about how transfer settlement handles such thing so don't panic if doors are stuck, maybe you need this mod.

Thanks for downloading and feel free to comment if some things are broken or even could be improved.

Light/shader mods i'm using on the screenshots:

Enb PRC (tweaked Hazmat preset), NAC climate overhaul, ELE Fo4 and ultra exterior lightning, Brighter Setllement lights (dim option if i ain't wrong, i never use the bright options) and Brighter Wasteland Workshop Lights.