Fallout 4
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Brotherhood of Steel return!

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The Brotherhood of Steel have returned to the Commonwealth with a new ship ....... and they are ripping mad about the loss of the original Prydwen and Elder Maxon.  The new ship is receiving its final outfitting before it embarks on its mission to suppress the revolt in the Commonwealth.  No Hydrogen this time ..... 


Original version has the Prydwen II docked ..... new version has the Prydwen II airborne!

Fast travel in or out or use a Jet Pack to get onboard!


Tips for successfully importing file.

1. Set Game to Low-Resolution during import .....

2. Disable in-game saves

3. Transfer Settlement Options
a. General Settings - use Stable Preset, with the following options selected
- Shut down generators during the power-up phase
- Turn off NPC AI during import
b. Import settings - only the following options selected
- Import DLC Items
- Import Mod-Added Items
- Import or Nuke Marker-Based Items
- Import Wired Power Connections

4. Stay in settlement during import

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