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Plenty of beds, resources and defenses.

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Version 1.5
 Moved a couple of things....added a couple of cars. Cosmetic update only
Version 1.4
The recent "clean and simple settlement" update altered the terrain, added buildings, furnishings and moved objects around in some settlements. I am adjusting my mods as I come across anomalies. if all is working for you then you don't need this update....should go in slot 12

Version 1.3
What's new?
Nested .json.... should go to slot 12.
a few people have informed me that the blueprints are not being placed in the correct slot by Vortex, this is an attempt to see if I can remedy that by creating nested folders.

Version 1.2
What's new?
Added stairwells, Power armour stands, minor furniture and workstation changes, removed and widened front door. Added 3 images.

If your current version is working for you or has been heavily customised then you may not want to update.... changes are largely cosmetic and aesthetic. 

I build these settlements for my own amusement. I'm not big on clutter, I just want to get my settlement as full as possible and make sure there are enough amenities.....If I have to go and help the settlement fend off the three raiders that they can't deal with, the defenses pretty much ensure they are shredded by the time I get there.

There is plenty of space to personalize the settlement to one's own taste.
I used this as my home base....extra storage, Heavy weapon, ammunition, far harbor ammunition manufacture, a place to send the (less annoying) companions when not in use and any "special" traders/settlers. 

I don't and won't do requests...I have placed these files here for anyone who might deem them useful.
Method; I use transfer settlements to drop everything into place and either scrap everything that sticks up or enter "Disable" and "Markfordelete" anything that won't scrap using scrap everything. 

Apart from Fallout 4 and ALL DLC, I used the following mods;

My other  settlement mods;  

Finch Farm;

Greentop Nursery;


Starlight Drive-in;

The Slog;

Spectacle Island;

Red Rocket;

Tenpines Bluff;

Coastal Cottage;

Abernathy Farm;

Home Plate;

Murkwater Construction Site;

Sanctuary Hills;

Nordhagen Beach;

Warwick Homestead;

County Crossing;

Outpost Zimonja;

Somerville Place;

Oberland Station;

SunshineTidings Co-op;

Kingsport Lighthouse;

Taffington Boathouse;

Egret Tours Marina;
Red Rocket-Nuka World;
Echo  Lake Lumber Mill;
Croup Manor;
Jamaica Plain;
Hangman’s Alley;
Old Longfellow’s Cabin;
Dalton Farm;

The Castle;

Sunshine Tidings Co-op 2;