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This is my attempt to create an Institute Settlement in the cramped Vault 88.

Permissions and credits
Before you Import this settlement, do remove any dirt piles & rocks along the walls to avoid clipping (see images).
You can use
Scrap Everything or download a mod that cleans it up for you, such as Vault 88's Redefined Layout.

Almost No Lights - Takes up #50 so make sure you create a backup if you have another blueprint there.
Lights - Takes up #49 so make sure you create a backup if you have another blueprint there.

This build only takes up the main area.

There are Mounted Power Conduits that covers the entire build (plus 2 Mounted Mini Generators).
It works best if you're using a mod that increases the power radius.

Now I don't know if it will work by downloading this through NMM (So let me know),  but if it won't work then you can do a manual download and extract the files, then place them in the Fallout 4 folder. (C: Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Fallout 4) Or wherever you've installed Fallout 4.
In #50 there are barely any lights in that blueprint and that's because of performance. Not everyone has a powerful rig so I let you guys/gals place the rest of the lights, just to be on the safe side.  (I'm mainly using the institute floor lights from SOE in this build)

In #49 there are plenty of lights to brighten up the day at the cost of FPS (I jump between 38-60 depending on where I am standing/facing on my outdated pc)

Required Mods:
Sim Settlements
Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
AS Craftable Institute Stations

Required Add-ons:
Wasteland Workshop
Vault-Tec Workshop

Recommended mods:
Immersive Teleportation
Advanced Settlement Turrent Set
Do It Yourshelf
Flag Restoration Project (G1-Institute)
Vault-Tec Workshop Power Conduits Radius Increase - And No Build Limit for Vault 88
Improved Level 3 Shops With Guard Mat
Vault 88 Lights Out
Auto Doors
Brighter Settlement Lights