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Some Turret Trees and Heavy Guard Towers for Workshop Plus users!

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This is NOT a usable settlement! It is merely a resource for Workshop Plus builders!

Workshop Plus by Kinggath introduces the ability to create Blueprints, similiar to FO76. I have created some "Turret Trees" as well as some "heavy guard towers" for use with this system, for you to blueprint and place into your own settlements. Untill Blueprints gains its own export system, this is pretty much the only way to export blueprintable objects sadly.

How to use:
0. Download required mods (if you Intend to use the Institute items or the BOS Heavy Tower)

1. Go to Sanctuary and save your game.

2. Import this settlement (it's slot 50). Make sure that "Import Sim Settlements Plots" but NOT "Import Sim Settlements Buildings" or "Buildings + Upgrades" is selected (unless you don't want the plots, then make sure all 3 options are disabled)

3. Enter workshop mode once it's imported. Make sure that "Auto Change Layers" is on in Workshop Plus's Options.

4. Create a new layer.

5. On the item you wish to create a blueprint of, select all the parts of the object (if creating one of the turret towers for example, make sure you select the walls, the "leafs", the power connectors, and the flag)

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for any other objects you wish to create blueprints of.

7. Spawn the blueprint object from the special menu.

8. Select "Create Blueprint". When prompted, select the layer you put your object in.

9. If you have multiple objects to create blueprints out of, activate the blueprint object and repeat step 8 for each layer. You might want to name them just to keep track of them (if naming them doesn't work when prompted, you can use the weapon workbench to name them)

10. When you are done making blueprints, remove all objects imported by this blueprint that you do not wish to use in sanctuary.

11. For those that you do wish to use in sanctuary, select the layer of the object and create a handle. You can then move the object around, clone it, etc.

12. Save your game again once you are all done.

13. To use the objects in other settlements, use the blueprint object to import the blueprints you created. 

Note about the "Requirements":
They aren't 100% required unless you intend to use those particular items. For example, if you only want the concrete towers or scaffolding towers, technically all that's "required" is Wasteland Workshop or Contraptions Workshop respectively. You only need SoE if you intend to use the Institute items or the Brotherhood Heavy Guard Tower. You only need Workshop Rearranged for the (non-glowing) Institute Turret Tower. You "can" choose to not use sim settlements, but if you use the heavy guard tower you'll need to replace the turret platforms and find some other way to power the turrets/spotlights.
You really can't not use Workshop Plus however, as otherwise this blueprint has no point whatsoever.

Also, the blueprint may tell you that Industrial City, WVSimSAddon, Conqueror, Sim Settlements Megapack Year One, and WhirligigRadarStation are necessary. They are not, so feel free to ignore this. as for the first 4, that's only beacuse I didn't bother to set the plots to any particular plot plan. As for the latter, not sure why that's still there, I'm pretty sure I had deleted it. No matter.

Item Contents:
1. Institute Turret Tree version A: Requires Workshop Rearranged (For the body). My first design. Supports 12 turrets, 4 each on 3 levels. The Second level is at a 45 degree angle from the others for better coverage and less cross-turret interferance. Comes with a flag on top, though I usually put Small Radar Stations or Whirligig Sentries (from the mod with the same name) on top of it. You could also consider putting a Missile turret there instead, to shoot down those pesky BOS vertibirds. For the Institute Versions, I recommend using Advanced Settlement Turret Set's "Institute Laser" turrets to keep with the theme. I would recommend the ball turrets instead by the same author, but I've never got those to work correctly. If you wish to use other turrets however, I have included a free mini fusion generator on each "leaf". You might also want to put a Automatron Wall Spotlight on the 2nd level, just below the "roof".

2. Institute Turret Tree Version B: No Workshop Rearranged version. Instead, it has those glowing institute walls. It is however a might bit smaller than the A version, though I do think it looks a bit better.

3. Concrete Turret Tree: The dirty wasteland version of the Turret Tree for those xbox users. While it would be more realistic to hook it up via outside generators, I have included Project Blueprint's "power generating connectors" as a substitute (besides, in a city plan the wires don't show up anyway, so it'd just be a waste.)

4. Minutemen Heavy Guard Tower: The Basis of all the other lovely heavy guard towers you see around. First built in my Minutemen built hence why I attribute it to them, but it can fit in with just about any faction, really. Based on the vanilla Contraptions Workshop scaffolding prefab, I've made a number of improvements. Namely, it now sports 6 hard points for spotlights and/or turrets, for when a simple sniper isn't enough. Includes a left and right side stairway version.

5. BOS Heavy Guard Tower: (Requires SOE) essentially the same as the Minutemen version, but more BOS-ey. Also includes a back end for you to stick either an alarm, a whirligig, radar, a siren, or all at once. Or another 1x1 Military Plot, if you want to go really nuts. If you wanted the backside for the Minutemen/raiders/whatever and/or just don't want SOE, the scaffolding will remain so you can put regular stairs and floors in them instead.

6. Concrete Heavy Guard Towers: I have to admit, I'm not really proud of these, they look really fugly in my opinion, but I know some people might have wanted them, so I made them anyway. Has versions with and without backside.

7. Institute Heavy Guard Towers: Funny thing is that the Concrete Heavy Guard Towers actually started as this, not the other way around. Not sure why you'd need this though, since the Institute is far more likely to use the Turret Trees than a Heavy Tower, but eh. Includes two variants: The "opaque" version with no backside, and a "reinforced glass" version with a backside. Mix and match how you like.