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A raised, reinforced Institute outpost for field research and force projection. Unfurnished for easy sharing.

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Blueprint Description
This is a relatively unfurnished blueprint base built at the Murkwater Settlement. It is meant to represent a post MQ Institute that is less afraid to show itself above ground, and therefore built a relatively large above ground research outpost. It is raised on large columns to protect itself from the local weather and wildlife. It features a few distinct structures separated by sky tunnels, such as a teleporter/generator room, a smaller side structure (intended for use by security), a central small structure (intended for use as a lounge/rec area), a life sciences 'green house', and finally, a two story 'dorm' where each bed occupant has their own small room. 

I kept it mostly unfurnished for two reasons:
1. I'm becoming a little bored of F4, and am playing less. I don't intend to finish this settlement or playthrough. In the event I return to F4, this page serves as a backup of this time consuming settlement skeleton build.
2. Furnishing settlements is hugely subjective and requires a lot of plugins. The fewer the plugins, the easier to share among people.

Required Mods
Wasteland Workshop DLC
SETTLEMENT OBJECT EXPANSION PACK: I'm not really sure if anyone interested in settlements doesn't already have this mod.
CRAFTABLE INSTITUTE ELEVATOR: A mod that adds really nice Institute themed elevators. Necessary for the lift that takes you from the ground to the main structure.
ALL SETTLEMENTS EXTENDED: Not needed by the BP, but probably required as I'm sure my structure goes outside the vanilla settlement bounds.