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A modified fadingsignal's Basement Living - Fallout Shelter. It is a "total conversion" of the small cell to be a huge garage to produce vanilla power armors and store other power armors available in the Nexus.

Permissions and credits
Taking the idea from Reznor's Fallout Shelter Redux... Kudos to him!

This blueprint changes the small Fallout Shelter to be a huge place, featuring:
1. Vanilla Power Armors manufacturing and storage for any Power Armor found in the Commonwealth and Nexus.
2. Use various building sets found in ccmads' Settlement Object Expansion Packs; ParcelStudioandGames' Rebuild - Modular Sanctuary; and 5like's Thematic and Practical.
3. Fully decorated place for storing and showing other special armors and weapons.
4. Use furniture and decorations from dinozaurs' Do It Yourshelf, Elianora's Home Decor Pack, Crimsomrider's Unique Furnitures and others for dramatic effect.
5. Use lots of lighting for even more dramatic effects.
6. Hidden power (generator and cable), but not in the workshop, nothing more I can do about that.

This blueprint requires TheLich's Place Everywhere, you need this installed in order to scrap the unscrappable structure of the Fallout Shelter. Obviously fadingsignal's Basement Living must be installed.

Steps to do:
1. Place Fallout Shelter trap door somewhere in your settlement.
2. Enter the shelter, press INS to enable extra scrapping.
3. Scrap everything in the cell, except the the platform where you arrived after entering the shelter, and the walls.
4. Open CDante's Transfer Settlement holotape,
5. ENABLE "Import or nuke marker-based items" and hit the transfer button.
6. Wait until the import finished and follow the standard steps after finishing the import. (You know this, right?)

The archive put the blueprint in slot #3, please move them to other your chosen slot. And please check and enable the required mods.