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Fully furnished player penthouse with the spectacular 360` views of downtown Boston. This blueprint features an infinity pool, open plan kitchen and lounge area, a manufacturing facility on the bottom floor, fully stocked greenhouse and a private range complete with a multitude of display and crafting stations.

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4 floors of everything a player will need to survive and flourish in the Commonwealth.  With panoramic views across the entire downtown Boston area, the bottom floor features a dedicated manufacturing area with 4 fully functioning units with integral storage systems and room for more.  There is also a single power armour station and floor hatch that enables players with either power armour or freefall legs to drop immediately into the rubble strewn streets without the need for a load screen.

Moving up the stylish glass ramp to the second floor through the Radiation decontamination portal, players will arrive at the open plan kitchen/lounge area.  There they will find a top of the range kitchen, large dining table and multiple seating areas where players can relax with an ice cold nuka cola or glass/bottle of whisky.  With floor to ceiling north/south views, quality artwork along the walls and a south facing balcony with plenty of seating, this space provides the facility to entertain your many followers.

The third floor is more practical with all crafting units, including 4 power armour stations and a bobblehead stand in the central foyer.  The southern room is a dedicated range with electronic targetry and multiple weapons displays to show off crafting creations.  The northern room is a large greenhouse, fully stocked with fresh produce and water condensers.

Finally the penthouse suite on the top floor is a space for entertaining more intimate guests.  A stylish modern bed that interacts with seedier mods lies adjacent to fully stocked shelves and a smaller bed for a a faithful canine companion.  A large corner sofa dominates the room with a bank of screens showing 'key' wasteland information for entertainment.  The spacious en-suite features fully interactive facilities where players and NPCs can clean the dust from the road and ease those bodily functions.  Inside the penthouse suite there is also a final power armour stand for display purposes.  Double doors open onto the veranda, which is a perfect place to sit and watch the sun rise under blossom filled trees.  For those that truly wish for a luxury experience, why not experience the infinity pool that flows out towards the south.

Overall, this is not for those true wastelanders who wish to travel the hard way, eat rads for breakfast and scurry off into their gross little hovels in the ground.  If luxury is what you are looking for then this may well be your dream settlement.

Right now for the serious stuff.  If you want this to work fully as intended with all the features then make sure you download all the mods, not just the key ones!  I have seen lots of comments where people say that mods don't work properly but in reality they haven't downloaded all the key requirements.

The fresh plants may or may not grow, some games i loaded this with they were fine but others the fresh corn and carrots just refused to do anything.  If it really doesn't play you're just going to have to cope with good old irradiated vegetables.

The power is predominately on the eastern side.  It's got decent range but it you want to power something specific on the western wall you may have to add a couple of mini fusion generators or connectors.

Also a point to note is that to get to the penthouse once it is built, it is fast travel only as i have constructed over the hatch that you can reach from ground level.  This can cause glitches where the player is half in and half out of the ground.  However, to leave just jump through the other convenient hatch, just don't blame me when you break your legs!