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A maze settlement, built around Outpost Zimonja.

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The initial idea for this settlement was inspired from the entrance and exit signs built by a wonderfully detailed builder on Youtube, Phoenix, and her Outpost Zimonja build. It did not turn out anything like hers, but but this is what gave me the original idea, as well as the backboards on the booths in the restaurant. She is one of the best junk decorators I have ever seen, and I highly recommend watching her videos it you are looking for some inspiration.

A few notes.

I recommend turning off the animations, especially if you have a lower end system, but either way, it can cause issues, like throwing corpses or items around the screen.

The main version of this mod uses the Whirlygig Sentry turrets mod for most of the defense, and while I love these very effective turrets, there are two problems with them in relation to the Transfer settlements mod that can be a major deterrent to using them. The first is that they REALLY slow down the process of exporting and importing the blueprints (like double), especially the newer 'stabilizing' phase. The other is that said stabilizing phase causes each of them to sink a bit too far into the ground, while this usually is fixed by leaving for a while and coming back, like many issues with importing a fresh blueprint, this is not always the case, and you may need to go around, pick each one up, and place it back down (not that being partially sunk will affect them in any way).

You WILL need scrap everything or something like it, that will allow you to remove a couple of rocks for most versions of this (there is one so far that doesn't require it). There are a couple of 'cheaty' exits, if you get frustrated, though some of them require a jetpack.

Inside the maze, you will find shops, beds, statues, and various other things. This has everything you need for a functional settlement, and most of it is inside the maze. I tried to hide a prize in there too, but it was not copied by the mod.

I only used one building from Sim Settlements, the new 'guard shack', mostly because I loved the way it looked for what I had in mind. If you import it fully, it will be fully upgraded, but if not, it will not normally upgrade, since the needs will not be met, unless you change settings, or add more sim settlement buildings.

The versions that have the contraptions machines include a switch, that you can turn off, if you do not want it to empty your workshop, and break down any junk that is in there. The more stuff that is in you workbench, the more likely it is that you will be attacked, so I set these up to keep that to a minimum. You can either turn them off as I said, or use the version that doesn't include them.

At the moment, I have three versions of this, one has everything, the second one does not have the turrets, and the third, has no turrets or manufacturing machines, to clean out your workshop and break down your junk.

I considered making the entrance and exit one way, but to do that, I would need to add one more required mod, and I thought it might frustrate some people, but if anyone seems interested, I will add that version as well.

This requires all of the DLC.

Mods Needed

Thematic and Practical by 5like

PCDug's Pretty Triangles and Pretty Circles

Sim Settlements - by Kinggath

Sim Settlements-Wedges of the Commonwealth Addon by PCDug

G2M - Workshop by g2mXagent and keppekinosha

Vanilla Extensions by Ethreon

Water Sources Expanded by SephDragoon

CWSS Redux v2 - Craftable Working Showers Sinks Baths Toilets Urinals Kitchens etc by steve40 and FLipdeezy

More Vault Rooms by sirbalin

Manufacturing Extended by Kentington

Settlement Objects Expantion Pack (SOE) by ccmads

Snappy HouseKit by robboten

Whirligig Sentry by Athelbras

Homemaker - Expanded Settlements by NovaCoru

Compact Crafting - by fadingsignal

Eli Crafting Shiz 9000 A.K.A. Crafting Fury 9000 GTX- by Elianora

Tonight you sleep on the couch A.K.A. Sofa Bed - by Undernier

Scrap Everything - This is required for the versions of the mod with the Contraptions DLC and Manufacturing Extended. I tried to keep this so that you did not need to scrap much (even the trees that intersect the buildings will not prevent you from going through the maze), but there are a couple of rocks that are in the way of the conveyer belt.

Suggested  Mods

Power Conduits and Pylons - Increased Radius

Settler Sandbox Expansion

Brighter Settlement Lights

Brighter Mirror Ball Light

Brighter Wasteland Workshop Lights

Settlement Attacks Beyond


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