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A lore friendly Fire base build on Shadowzhar's Wasteland army forest grove dam ( https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/49411 ) and as such, this mod is as required as transfer settlements.

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Whether you're RR, MM, BOS or those clean freaks in white, this is a fire base w full vehicular support:
air, roads and water as well as a full med suite up in the tower.
Under the landing pad at dam level there are bunks, supplies and a few fully functional suites of PA for those that use them.
Defense is over 500 w Simonov PTRS-41 auto cannon on turrets, multiple guard stations and an almost perfect line of sight.
35 beds, plenty of food ( all roof top grown) and water, even if you do have to prod a settler in the right direction ;) 

*Author's note* This like many of my uploads is mod HEAVY. On my new PC it can cause stutters and lag, particularly when I was in workshop mode.
If you are running a low(er) end PC... I honestly don't know.
My apologies in advance, but spend a lot of time fussing over QOL and Immersive details. That and I got tired of making a cabin or 2 w a shitter in a shed and calling it a settlement.