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Yet another Sanctuary build that transforms Sanctuary into the shantytown it should be.

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Most people will tend to clean up Sanctuary: Scrapping all the junk, removing pile of leaves then plant some fresh green grass. It's nice, but I didn't want to go that direction, instead I was looking for something more lore friendly.
I'm not the only one in that case, as I saw plenty of Junk yard builds in Sanctuary.
This is my vision.

You'll probably need a scrapping mod like Spring Cleaning, note that this mod allows you to also scrap those annoying hammering animations.

Dont scrap anything before importing this build, instead scrap little by little what is clipping, what is doubled or what annoys you.

The wheel chair you'll see in the pictures comes from the mod mama Murphy's chair redone.

• The settlement is designed to shelter 12 settlers but you could easily add more beds
• I front of Nate's house you'll find a sand pit to occupy your children settlers, and a gear harvest station to keep Sturges busy (those stations comes from Northland digger)
• All the vanilla workbenches are there, scattered around but not far from each other.
• A tier III general vendor marker will optimize the Vault tec guy inventory, provided you want to recruit him. I mean, he is a good guy.