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My beautiful Sanctuary is an unconventional settlement, created more than anything to delight the eye and make you want to be there.

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First of all; 
You'll need to delete all the buildings at their foundation. The main tree and some of the biggest trees will need to be removed too with "disable" and "markfordelete". Then open Transfer Settlements and import the blueprint... 

Or you can use "Spring Cleaning" and do "scrapall", and then remove the main tree and the next to it with "disable" and "markfordelete". Then open Transfer Settlements and import the blueprint... 
I recommend to this way, to use "No More Disappearing Act" mod. And put "Spring cleaning" and "No More Disappearing Act" at the very end of your load order. 

Or you can use "Sanctuary Lite" mod to clean up all the settlement, but you are going to have a few difference on the ground level, and you are going to see a couple of plants, trees and tables in the air. You can easily fix it anyway. 

About mods in this BP:

In this BP, I'm using the Nexus version of Modular Kitchens, which can now only be found here
I'm using too "Creative Gardens" and "V's stylish decor", which can now be found here: https://damanding.xyz/
and "Better cooking station" here: https://schaken-mods.com
and "CWSS redux" here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/3463396?tab=about+me
and "SKK quantum storage" here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/28125?tab=files&file_id=158137

I recommend;
To green up the flora the "Springtime Trees", "Spring in the Commonwealth" and "Seasons - Colorful Leaves are Green" mods.

To finalize:
After you import the BP, you are going to need to move your workbench to the next building, where is a space for it. You can use “Workshop Workbench Marker” or any mod you prefer.
Also you are going to need to select a few lamps with the workshop activate, and deselect in the same place, in order to turn the light up. And don't forget to hookup the generator at the back of the greenhouse.
And don't forget to fill the pool with water too.
And about the museum paintings, I am using "Personal paintings"; this Mod add blank Landscape and blank Portrait canvases for you to add your own paintings, follow his page instructions to upload your images. I upload an optional file with some images for you.

I built the Sanctuary in VR. But I BP and test it in a regular FO4, should work in VR too.
Check my old video:

My little Sanctuary Hot Springs and My simple Red Rocket BP's to complete all Sanctuary design.

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