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Settlement Starter Pack- five in one
A while back I was asked if I had bundled some of my settlement blueprints. This is the first five settlements I would build when starting a new game.

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Settlement Starter Pack- five in one. 

 A while back I was asked if I had bundled some of my settlement blueprints. I hadn’t at the time and have not played Fallout 4 for a while.
Then I received notification that CASS had been updated again. The last update meant that I had to reconfigure some of my designs, so I decided that this time I would start a new game and adjust the settlements as I came across them.

This is the first pack and my new game process usually goes as follows;

I placed Sanctuary after exiting the vault. On Codsworth’s advice; I traveled to Concord, placing
Red Rocket on my return. 
 On my way to Tenpines Bluff to learn of their issue, I recovered Mary Abernathy’s item.

 Next stop was Starlight Drive–In, placing my third settlement before continuing to the Corvega factory.

After completing the Tenpines quest I placed the fourth settlement on that plot.

Finally, I went to Abernathy farm to return the item and place my fifth settlement.

1.    Sanctuary; Should load into slot 23

2.    Red Rocket; Should load into slot 12

3.    Starlight Drive-In; Should load into slot 15

4.    Tenpines Bluff; Should load into slot 11

5.    Abernathy Farm; Should load into slot 20

I think I’ve caught most of the issues, Might be the odd“floater” I missed. Have added extra elements on some of the settlements where the foundations didn’t quite sit properly.


Sanctuary; Remove all buildings and foundations. You will need to "disable" and "markfordelete" the steps etc that don't match after placement.

Red Rocket; The trees and shrubs on the RHS of the gas station will need to be cleared. The old cars etc can be scrapped after placement ("disable" and "markfordelete")

Starlight; You will need to remove the billboard and a few trees after placement.

Tenpines; You will need to clear some rocks after placement to reveal the staircase. Some trees and rock will intersect the walls etc. Easiest to do all this after placement. The water and waterfall in the lower pool may not load as they fall outside the original boundary. Easy to replace.

Abernathy; this one's easiest done after placement...nothing major, just a general tidy up

The individual settlement pages have more screenshots, if you need a better idea of the layout.

I build these settlements for my own amusement. I'm not big on clutter, I just want to get my settlement as full as possible and make sure there are enough amenities.....If I have to go and help the settlement fend off the three raiders that they can't deal with, the  defences pretty much ensure they are shredded by the time I get there.

There is plenty of space to personalise the settlement to one's own taste.

I don't and won't do requests...I have placed these files here for anyone who might deem them useful.

Method; I use transfer settlements to drop everything into place and either scrap everything that sticks up or enter ""disable" and "markfordelete" anything that won't scrap using scrap everything. 

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Murkwater Construction Site;
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Boston International Airport;
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Dalton Farm;

National Park Visitors Center
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